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The Vedder OWB Combo Pack is ideal for those new to outside the waistband carry or those looking to upgrade their gear! 

So, what's included?


ProDraw™ Paddle OWB

Looking for the best paddle holster on the market? The All New ProDraw™ OWB Kydex holster by Vedder Holsters is the best open carry and range holster on the market. Each holster is handcrafted to your precise gun model to create the perfect fit. The fit of our holsters are so precise, you will hear an audible ‘click’ every time you holster your gun, reassuring you that your gun is securely in place. Additional features of the ProDraw™ include:

  • Adjustable Retention- Whether you prefer your retention tight, loose, or somewhere in between, our adjustable retention feature allows you to feel comfortable and confident with your holster every time you use it.
  • Convenient and comfortable paddle design makes taking your holster on and off a breeze! No need to undo your belt each time you wear your holster.
  • Each ProDraw™ is designed for consistent retention both on and off your body. This keeps your weapon securely holstered while you wear it or while it is stored in a safe location.
  • All of the features you want, without any of the ones you don’t! Formed precisely to your exact gun model with .080” Kydex for the ultimate strength without any unnecessary bulk.
  • Weighing only a few ounces, the ProDraw™ adds minimal weight to your carry gun.
  • Full sight channels accommodate all standard sights and loaded chamber indicators. Have a modified setup or larger aftermarket sights? Contact us and we will make your holster to fit your gun precisely and all minor customizations are provided at no additional charge!
  • All holsters are available for both right and left hand draw.
  • Made standard with Genuine Black Kydex. Looking for something with more personality? Try one of our premium colors or patterns! With over 75 colors and patterns to choose from, we are certain that you will find something that captures your personal style.
  • The sweat shield option simply means that the metal of your gun will be covered by a piece of Kydex. Ensuring the metal of your gun will not be in direct contact with your skin.
  • Vedder Holsters offer the best value for your concealed carry needs- You spend a lot of your hard earned money on a firearm, so it makes sense to want a quality holster to carry it in. You wouldn’t store your Ferrari in a carport, don’t carry your firearm in a cheap, sub-quality holster. Quality doesn’t have to cost a fortune, but if the holster is cheap, there is more than likely a reason for it. Our goal has always been to provide the best possible quality holsters at an affordable price and will never cut corners when it comes to quality. We want you to love your holster and use it for as long as you choose to carry your gun. We don’t want you to need a box of holsters, which is why we back all of our holsters by our 30 day money back guarantee and lifetime warranty.
  • Handcrafted to order in the USA. 

MagDraw Single OWB or MagDraw Double OWB

The MagDraw™ OWB Holster is ideal for carrying spare magazines along the belt line. The sleek ergonomic design allows for a comfortable carry experience without unnecessary bulk or material. The following beneficial features come standard with every MagDraw holster:

  • Adjustable Retention
  • Custom made to your precise model for the perfect fit
  • Adjustable cant angle of 15 degrees of forward and reverse adjustment
  • Silky smooth edges provide the most comfortable carry option against the skin
  • Rock Solid Spring Steel Clip allows for a secure hold on the belt and is available in both 1.5" and 1.75" widths
  • Available in over 75 colors and patterns so you are sure to find the one that fits your unique style


Vedder Holsters Logo Shirt or Vedder Nation Shirt

Show your support of the 2nd amendment with our Premium Quality Vedder Holsters Logo Shirt or Vedder Nation Shirt! Check link for details on sizing and color options! 


Vedder Gun Belt (Pick One)

Cobra Quick Release Gun Belt

The All New Cobra® Quick Release Gun Belt by Vedder Holsters is groundbreaking!  Our all new step-down Cobra® buckle design was created to eliminate the need for adjusting your belt each time you put it on. With the Vedder Cobra® QR Belt, set it to your preferred size, and you are all set! Top features include:

  • Step-down Cobra® buckle that allows you to set your precise belt size and then take your belt on and off with the simple, yet strong buckle.
  • This new step-down buckle also lets you thread the belt through any pants with 1.5” belt loops. Unlike many other Cobra®-style buckles that require you to adjust the Velcro every time to put your belt on, this new design allows you to thread the buckle through standard belt loops making taking your belt on and off a breeze!
  • Made with our premium extra stiff dual layered 1.5” nylon webbing. 
  • Available in seven sizes from 26” - 53”
  • Each Vedder Cobra® QR Gun Belt is sewn right here in the USA.
  • Pairs perfectly with both IWB and OWB holsters!
  • All of our products are backed by our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee and Lifetime Warranty

Vedder Leather Gun Belt 

Looking for the best leather gun belt on the market? The All New Leather Gun Belt by Vedder Holsters is NOW AVAILABLE! This new belt features a stylish design that is rugged enough for the ranch and sleek enough for the boardroom. Top features include:

•Elegantly designed with gunmetal matte finished buckle for a high-end look.

•Double layered premium cowhide that is reinforced with a solid polymer core to provide an extra stiff foundation for your EDC rig without being bulky.

•Available in sizes from 30” - 58”

•Each Leather Gun Belt by Vedder Holsters is sewn right here in the USA.

•1.5” width pairs perfectly with both IWB and OWB holsters!

•All of our products are backed by our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee and Lifetime Warranty

Sizing Instructions

The sizes shown are the actual length in inches that the belts are adjustable to accommodate. Most belts will need to be ordered larger (2"-4" on average) than your normal pant size due to the addition of carry guns and spare magazines. Keep in mind, most pants stretch, gun belts will not, which is why most people will wear a larger size gun belt. The best way to determine your correct size is to try on an existing belt with your normal everyday carry setup. Mark the spot where your belt is set and then measure the length from that hole to the end of the belt (excluding buckle). This will be the size belt you will need to order.



Reviews (8)

Shiloh 27th Oct 2020

Seems like a good product

Like a dumbass I ordered the wrong holster, but it seems like a good holster. Too much of a hassle to send back, plus I liked the belt and shirt so I just kept them. Now I essentially have a $150 t-shirt and belt. So sick. The -1 star is because this website is not very user friendly when trying to leave a review on a mobile device. I’m on an iPhone 6S. There are some alignment issues as well. In a perfect world when I click to expand the Review accordion the review should auto-scroll into the viewport, however this has not been implemented.

Sam Mayfield 13th Oct 2020

Wow! Just wow!

Got my combo pack for OWB Pro Draw the other day. Absolutely the best owb holster I've ever bought and I have some fairly good ones. Don't know why someone was knocking the Vedder T-shirt; love mine, even the wife said she likes it! Great fit, good quality. The Cobra belt is a super well made belt; best on the market. Complete transparency; I returned the Cobra to upgrade to the leather belt. Not because of quality; just a change of preference. And Vedder customer service is outstanding, no problem they said, return the Cobra and we'll get the leather one to you as soon as possible. They've got my business.

Additional Info

Additional Info

All Vedder Holsters products come with a Lifetime Warranty. As long as you own the holster, if for whatever reason the holster fails you (excluding obvious neglect), simply return it and we will make it right. If we can’t fix it, we’ll replace it. (Buyer pays return shipping)
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