At Vedder Holsters, we strive to give our awesome customers access to some of the best color patterns for their holsters from solid colors all the way to branded infused Kydex®. Take a look below at our awesome color options! Please note that Kydex® is produced in larger sheets that are cut down to the perfect size for molding. Some pattern and color placement may vary from what you see here. 

New Colors

Thin Blue Line Flag
Digital Flag Grey Color
Digital Flag on Gray
Digital Flag Tiffany Blue Color
Digital Flag on Tiffany
Hexagon Orange Color
Hexagon Orange
Hexcam Adirondack Color
HexCam® Adirondack
Red Worn Metal Color
Red Worn Metal
Grey Worn Metal Color
Grey Worn Metal
Blue Digital Color
Blue Digital


Solid Colors

Black Color
Battleship Gray Color
Battleship Gray
Blood Red Color
Blood Red
Chocolate Brown Color
Chocolate Brown
Coyote Brown Color
Coyote Brown
Desert Tan Color
Desert Tan
Flat Dark Earth Color
Flat Dark Earth
Gunmetal Grey Color
Gunmetal Gray
Hot Pink Color
Hot Pink
OD Green Color
OD Green
Police Blue Color
Police Blue
Purple Haze Color
Purple Haze
Storm Grey Color
Storm Gray
Tiffany Blue Color
Tiffany Blue
Zombie Green Color
Zombie Green



Carbon Fibers / Textures

Black Raptor Color
Black Raptor
Brown Raptor Color
Brown Raptor
London Raptor Color
London Tan Raptor
Black Carbon Fiber Color
Black Carbon Fiber
Desert Tan Color
Desert Tan Carbon Fiber
Flat Dark Earth Carbon Fiber Color
Flat Dark Earth Carbon Fiber
Killer Coyote Carbon Fiber Color
Killer Coyote Carbon Fiber
OD Green Carbon Fiber Color
OD Green Carbon Fiber
Police Blue Carbon Fiber Color
Police Blue Carbon Fiber
Purple Haze Carbon Fiber Color
Purple Haze Carbon Fiber
Storm Grey Carbon Fiber Color
Storm Grey Carbon Fiber
Tiffany Blue Carbon Fiber Color
Tiffany Blue Carbon Fiber
Black Basket Weave Color
Black BasketWeave
Blood Red Carbon Fiber Color
Blood Red Carbon Fiber



Digital and Camo Patterns

Desert Digital Color
Desert (Digital)
Forest Digital
Graveyard (Night)
Navy Digital
Urban Digital
ACU Digital Color
ACU Camo



Special Patterns

American Flag
Kryptek® Highlander
Kryptek® Neptune
Kryptek® Pontus
Kryptek® Raid
Kryptek® Typhon
Kryptek® Yeti / Wraith