LightDraw™ OWB

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The LightDraw OWB Holster is an outside the waistband (OWB) holster that is handmade and molded to fit your gun perfectly. The LightDraw OWB is designed to be functional yet comfortable. This holster comes with adjustable retention to give you the perfect draw while carrying in a secure OWB holster. All LightDraw OWB holsters are proudly handmade in the U.S.A.!

All LightDraw OWB holsters are made with...

  • Durable .080 Kydex® designed to hold up to the most extreme conditions and wear that is molded to fit your individual firearm.

  • Sleek design adds minimal bulk to your gun without sacrificing secure retention.

  • Full sweat shield minimizes the amount of contact your gun has with your body, keeping your slide clean and sweat-free!

  • Double sided, fully reinforced shell allowing one handed re-holstering and consistent retention.

  • Weighing only a few ounces helps add very minimal weight to your overall concealed carry weapon.

  • Full sight channels accommodate all standard sights, most suppressor sights (up to 10mm tall), and loaded chamber indicators.

  • Open front design allows for extended threaded barrels and allows dirt and debris to exit your holster.

  • Strong, durable polymer belt clips available in two sizes- 1.5" for standard belts and 1.75” for larger duty style belts.

  • Retention screw allowing you to loosen or tighten the retention to your preference.

As with all Vedder Holsters, try it risk free for 30 days!

Stock Photo Shows the Glock 19 LightDraw OWB Holster.  Your holster will reflect the gun model you select.



Reviews (712)

Angel 19th Apr 2021

Very nice holster

This holster fits great. The finish is awesome and the retention is phenomenal for a kydex pancake holster. Initially it is super tough to remove the pistol but after a day or two of draws, it loosened up enough for carry. Will definitely recommend!!

The dude 19th Apr 2021


Great holster as always. I have a few now from vedder and they’re reliable, durable and well made. Works well with the cobra belt as well: great retention and is adjustable if needed - get the pancake clips as well as the other ones for options on how it sits on your waist or body. PCR is very easy to conceal with a lose T-shirt, i can easily carry at work with a 2XL at work when I usually wear a XL or 2XL.