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The Vedder Holsters Pocket Locker is great for concealed carry of small sized pocket pistols in the front pocket of your pants- great for those that do not wish to carry around the waistline. The Pocket Locker features three possible ways to draw. First, when drawing your firearm from your pocket, the hook catches on the corner of your pants pocket and the firearm is drawn, free from the holster. Second, it is great for those that want a secure and custom holster for their carry bag or purse as the holster comes standard with eyelet hardware which can be used to attach paracord to the interior of your bag for snatch style un-holstering. Third, an optional thumb tab that allows you to un-holster your gun with a simple thumb press. Each holster is custom molded from Kydex® to your unique gun model ensuring a perfect fit. It also comes with a full sweat guard. Sweat guards cover both sides of the entire slide of your pistol reducing its contact with moisture from your body.

  • 100% Trigger Guard
  • Double Sided Extended Slide Guard
  • Sweat Resistant
  • Molded from a Single Sheet of Kydex®
  • 30 Day Risk Free Trial
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Full Kydex shell handcrafted to your precise gun model for the perfect fit.
  • Optional curve for even better concealment in front pocket.
  • Optional thumb release for quick release in pocket or carry bag.
  • Eyelet hardware which is great for attaching holster to inside of carry bag or purse.
  • Current listed holsters are ideal for front pocket carry in most standard mens jeans. To test if the holster will work for you in pocket carry, we recommend trying to put your unloaded and safety checked gun in your pocket to get an idea if pocket carry is for you. If your gun fits comfortably in your pocket, then you will have a good idea if the holster will fit in your pocket as well.

Each Pocket Locker Holster is hand molded here in the USA!

Stock Photos Shows a Glock 43 in a Pocket Locker Holster. Your holster will reflect the gun model you select.


Reviews (368)

Kirk 24th Oct 2020

My first Vedder holster but certainly not my last

I ordered the pocket locker for a Ruger LCP2 after Desantis struck out with the nemesis and superfly holsters that only kind of fit the gun but don't fully cover the trigger guard. I've always preferred kydex to keep my bang switch covered, and Vedder nailed it with this one. The fit, finish, and function of this holster is perfect in every way and I love the thumb push that allows you to break the gun free without using the claw to catch your pocket. The only thing I have changed about it was to make a concealment cover to keep the holster from printing the exact shape of my gun. I traced my phone's outline onto a thick piece of leather and then attached it with velcro to the outside of the holster so that now the only thing that prints through my jeans is a rectangle the shape and size of my Pixel 3.

Adam 21st Oct 2020

Another Winner

Another excellent holster from Vedder! I prefer the old style with the thumb tab but I can understand how that would be a nuisance for those who wear tighter fitting pants. This holster fits my new P365 like a glove and will be seeing heavy use as my new EDC. My previous pocket carry was a Walther PPS M2 that was carried primarily in a Vedder pocket holster for the last several years. So when I got a new gun the choice was obvious for which holster to choose. Thanks Vedder

Additional Info

Additional Info

All Vedder Holsters products come with a Lifetime Warranty. As long as you own the holster, if for whatever reason the holster fails you (excluding obvious neglect), simply return it and we will make it right. If we can’t fix it, we’ll replace it. (Buyer pays return shipping)
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