Frequently Asked Questions About Holster Parts & Accessories

Holster Wedge vs Claw

Both the Vedder Holster Wedge and Holster Claw are concealment devices designed to help draw your gun closer to your body to increase comfort and reduce printing. The Holster Wedge is a foam device that is secured to your holster using Velcro, which allows you to adjust its position to draw in your entire gun, or one side or the other. The Holster Claw, or “Wing,” is secured to your holster with hardware and helps draw in the grip of your gun and keep your holster securely in place. Both devices are highly effective and can be used together for ultimate concealment.

Standard LightDraw® Clips vs Pancake Wings

The LightDraw® holster comes with your choice of Standard OWB Clips or upgraded Pancake Wings, depending on your preference. The main difference between the two is that the Pancake Wings lay flatter against your body, drawing the holster in and making it easier to conceal.

J-Clips vs V-Clips

While both our J-Clips and V-Clips are highly discreet and allow for extra-deep concealment of our ComfortTuck® and ProTuck™ holsters, there are a few differences in terms of style and function. The J-Clips are designed for carrying small- to medium-sized pistols and work by wrapping over your pant waistband and clipping up under the bottom of your gun belt. The V-Clips, on the other hand, are our most discreet clip and allow for the deepest concealment by wrapping over your waistband and attaching to the back of your belt with Velcro.

Which Rock Solid Spring Steel Clips Do I Need?

We offer several variations of our patented Rock Solid Spring Steel Belt Clip. These tuckable clips are low-profile and more durable than most, ensuring your holster will stay comfortably and securely in place on your belt. The Single Rock Solid Spring Steel Belt Clip is compatible with our LightTuck® and RapidTuck® holsters, the Low Profile Rock Solid Spring Steel Clips are made for our SideTuck™ holster, while the Dual Rock Solid Spring Steel Belt Clips are designed to fit our ComfortTuck® and ProTuck™ holsters.

What is an EDC Tray?

An EDC tray, also known as a “dump tray,” is a catchall organizer for the gear you carry on a daily basis. The Vedder Holsters EDC Tray is made from durable Kydex and features a shallow lip to keep your belongings in place. These handy trays can be used to store your carry weapon when not in use, organize your gun safe, hold parts during gun cleaning, or provide a handy place to dump the stuff in your pockets at the end of the day.

What Should I Do If My Hardware Keeps Coming Loose?

The best way to ensure the hardware on your holster will stay in place once you've made your desired adjustments is to apply a dab of our Turbo-Fuse™ Blue threadlocker to the fasteners. This medium-strength threadlocker will ensure fasteners don't loosen after prolonged use, without permanently gluing them in place. If you accidentally lost any of your hardware, you can order a replacement kit containing everything you need!