What Is Concealed Carry Insurance?

Sometimes it is called concealed carry insurance. Others may consider it more of a subscription or membership. These policies or plans can provide you with a variety of benefits but primarily they are purchased to assist with legal costs associated with using your firearm in a self-defense situation.

If you drive a car you most likely have car insurance and if you own a home or rent one you will have insurance for that too. Whether it is medical, something we own, or even for a pet we all probably pay for insurance. With that insurance, you might have been able to pick various policies or companies. Each one offered different benefits and levels of coverage. Well, there is a similar option for concealed carry.

When you are involved in a self defense situation you will most likely need to go to court. If you are going to court you are probably going to want a lawyer to represent you. With a lawyer comes legal fees that will need to be paid. These can range from a few thousand to a few million dollars depending on the case. The people who elect to purchase concealed carry insurance do so to cover or supplement the costs associated with self defense court cases.

Now, not everyone feels the benefits of concealed carry insurance outweigh the cost and ultimately that is a decision only you can make. Oftentimes you will hear about these companies in concealed carry classes so we decided to provide you with information to help you make a decision about whether you want to purchase concealed carry insurance or not.

Keep in mind each company that offers this service will have different costs, coverage, and benefits.

Ultimately, the decision is yours. We’ve heard of people who get the service and feel it is great for them. Others elect not to purchase it and feel that if they get into a situation where they will need legal assistance, they will have their own avenues of action.

Things To Consider In A Concealed Carry Insurance Company

You most likely consider a few companies that make the product or service you are looking to purchase. Each company may vary slightly in their design or quality. Well, when it comes to concealed carry insurance there are a few things you may want to think about when looking at the various companies if you decide to purchase a policy.

  • First, some companies have a few states they won’t cover. So if you decide that concealed carry insurance is something you need, you might want to check what states each company will provide coverage in when choosing one.
  • Second, not all companies cover the costs upfront. Sometimes instead of paying for any expenses upfront a company will expect you to pay the upfront cost and they will reimburse you.
  • Third, sometimes a company will only cover self defense with a firearm and other times they will cover any self defense. If you decide to get concealed carry insurance, the weapons and a type of self defense they cover might be something you want to think about when selecting a company.

There may be additional things you decide are important to you when you are looking at concealed carry insurance companies, but these are a few we thought you may find most important.

Things To Consider In A Concealed Carry Insurance Policy

Beyond looking at what a company has to offer you will probably want to consider their policies as well. Like many insurance companies and organizations that offer memberships, there are different tiers that may change what is included. So, when you are looking at potential companies, if you decide to get concealed carry insurance, you may want to look at their policies too before making a choice.

Here are a few things to look for when considering the policies/plans offered by various companies.

  • Coverage limits/caps for civil and criminal cases. Some companies don’t have caps when it comes to the amount they will pay for cases. Other companies have various amounts they will cap at depending on the type of case and the policy you choose. This is just something you will want to keep in mind when you are selecting a company and policy.
  • Coverage of bail costs. If you are involved in a criminal case you may be allowed to post bail and not be kept in jail while awaiting a trial. Policies or plans may have an amount they cover for bail costs. Pay attention to if this is a separate amount or if it comes out of your total coverage for that case. Some policies they may not even offer coverage for bail.
  • Coverage of loss of wages. When you have to attend court and be in meetings you might have to take time off of work. You are already going through a court case, worrying about missing work and not having the money to pay bills can add to your stress. Having coverage for loss of wages may be something you want to look for in a concealed carry policy or plan.

With a large selection of companies and policies to consider, if you choose to purchase concealed carry insurance, it is helpful to know what important things you may want to consider.

Popular Concealed Carry Insurance Companies

Each company offers different coverage options and benefits. If you choose to purchase a concealed carry membership, the policy that may work for one person may not work for you.

Before we get into some of the details of a few of the popular companies keep in mind that prices and coverage may vary from what we have listed below. We don’t represent these companies, but we tried to provide you with the most accurate information possible.

If you are military or law enforcement there may be additional discounts or policies available. With that let’s dive in.


The USCCA offers more of a membership program that includes legal protection in addition to training assistance among other things. The large and popular company offers upfront funding and support for all legal weapons.

They include coverage for bail and loss of wages, but these amounts will come out of the totals for either civil or criminal coverage depending on the case.

Of course, different membership levels have different costs and coverage limits. Their plans start at $22 a month and increase with each level. You can see more information on their plans and coverage here.

US Law Shield

Similar to USCCA, US Law Shield offers upfront payments. Unlike USCCA though, US Law Shield has no caps on coverage cost for civil or criminal cases. They also will cover all self defense cases.

Policies with US Law Shield are more of a make it your own style. If you want coverage in all available states, bail coverage or coverage for loss of wages there are additional costs. They offer quite a few other add ons when you are “building” your policy.

Their base price is $10.95 a month but when you tack on additional coverage it may be comparable to other companies in price. You can see more information on their plans and coverage here.

CCW Safe

CCW Safe is unique for two reasons. One, their self defense policies require that you have a concealed carry permit or live in a state with constitutional carry. Two, they offer a home defense policy that does not require a concealed carry permit.

They have no limits on coverage and offer upfront payments. As well as they will cover bail and loss of wages. The home defense plan and self defense plan do vary but could be beneficial to you if you want a policy but don’t plan to carry outside your home.

Their prices range but the “Defender Plan”, which is a plan that requires a ccw permit, starts at $16 a month. You can see more information on their plans and coverage here.

Second Call Defense

Second Call Defense has a range of policies and coverage amounts. They offer up front payments like the other companies we have mentioned and cover self defense with all legal firearms.

While they have low monthly costs for their base policy the coverage amounts are going to be low as well. Of course, as you increase your plan your coverage will increase too. Their base policy includes some bail coverage but no coverage for loss of wages.

Their plans start at $9.95 a month and increase from there. The middle tier policy has decent coverage that is comparable with the larger companies we mentioned previously. You can see more information on their plans and coverage here.


You may have seen an ad for LegalShield or have a policy with them already. They offer policies for individuals, families, and businesses. The services range from simple legal advice to helping with marriage cases like an annulment or divorce to larger cases.

Beyond their basic coverage for legal services they offer an add on that covers up to 60 hours of trial defense for gun owners. This add on is an additional $12.95 a month, but if you already have a policy with them or want legal assistance beyond self defense their plans may be something you want to check out.

You can see more information on their plans and coverage here.

If you have made it this far you know we’ve covered a lot of information. If you hear someone trying to sell you concealed carry insurance remember it is not for everyone and you don’t have to have it. But if you find it is right for you there are things you will want to consider like the coverage amounts, what states they provide coverage in, and if they pay the costs upfront or reimburse you. Ultimately, the decision to purchase concealed carry insurance is yours.

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