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Looking for the best concealed carry holster on the market? The All New LightTuck™ IWB Kydex holster by Vedder Holsters is the last holster you will ever need to buy for your carry gun.  Each holster is handcrafted to your precise gun model to create the perfect fit while maintaining the thinnest profile both in your pants and on your belt.  Our fit is so precise, you will hear an audible ‘click’ every time you holster your gun, reassuring you that your gun is securely in place.  Additional features of the LightTuck™ include:


  • Adjustable Ride Height- We know everyone has their personal preference when it comes to ride height, which is why we make it adjustable!  Every LightTuck™ holster now comes with adjustable ride height featuring three levels of adjustment, allowing you to carry your holster right where you want it.

  • Adjustable Retention- Whether you prefer your retention tight, loose, or somewhere in between, our adjustable retention feature allows you to feel comfortable and confident with your holster every time you use it.

  • 30° of adjustable forward AND reverse cant allows you to wear your gun in a multitude of positions including the standard 3 – 5 o’clock position, appendix, and crossdraw.

  • Need to take your holster on and off throughout the day? No problem with the LightTuck™!  The sleek design keeps your retention consistent both on and off your body, keeping your weapon securely holstered while stored in a safe location and also makes re-holstering a breeze! No need to undo your pants every time you put your gun back on.

  • Unbelievably thin, formed precisely to your exact gun model with .080” Kydex® for the ultimate strength, yet without any unnecessary bulk.

  • Reinforced Shell for convenient one-handed reholstering.

  • Weighing only a few ounces, the LightTuck™ adds minimal weight to your carry gun.

  • Rock Solid Spring Steel Clip that is tuckable, yet adds the minimal amount of bulk and leaves virtually no print along your beltline for the most discrete carry option compared to bulky plastic clips. Available in two sizes to fit standard belts up to 1.5" or larger gun belts up to 1.75".

  • Full sight channels accommodate all standard sights and loaded chamber indicators.  Have a modified setup or larger aftermarket sights? Contact us and we will make your holster to fit your gun precisely and all minor customizations are provided at no additional charge!

  • Full sweat shield minimizes the amount of contact your gun has with your body, keeping your slide clean and sweat-free!

  • All holsters are available for both right and left hand draw.

  • Made standard with Genuine Black Kydex.  Looking for something with more personality?  Try one of our premium colors or patterns!  With over 75 colors and patterns to choose from, we are certain that you will find something that captures your personal style.

  • Best value for your concealed carry needs- You spend a lot of your hard earned money on a firearm, so it makes sense to want a quality holster to carry it in.  You wouldn’t store your Ferrari in a carport, don’t carry your firearm in a cheap, sub-quality holster.  Quality doesn’t have to cost a fortune, but if the holster is cheap, there is more than likely a reason for it.  Our goal has always been to provide the best possible quality holsters at an affordable price and will never cut corners when it comes to quality.  We want you to love your holster and use it for as long as you choose to carry your gun.  We don’t want you to need a box of holsters, which is why we back all of our holsters by our 30 day money back guarantee and lifetime warranty. 

  • Handcrafted to order in the USA in three business days or less… we don’t make promises we can’t keep!  Unlike many custom holster companies, ALL holsters are handcrafted to order and ship out in three business days or less!  Need your holster faster?  Contact us and we will work with you to meet your deadline, whether it is a gift, holiday, or vacation that puts you in a time crunch… we are happy to help.


Stock Photo Shows the Glock 43 LightTuck Holster... Your holster will reflect the gun model you select.


Reviews (1810)

Igor 24th Apr 2017

Superb quality holster

The holster has a perfect fit to my CZ Rami. The multi angle and height adjustment of the clip is the best solution i've seen so far.

Jake 24th Apr 2017


Ladies and Gentlemen, stop wasting your time looking at the other competitors. I spent stupid amounts of time wasted doing research on designs, qualities, features, etc. for an IWB holster. Now, re-wind. I have 10+ years of LEO experience and I have owned every major brand holster you can imagine. As for IWB holsters... I own a PHLster, a Raven Concealment, and another larger company I can't think of. Either way, this holster, for the money, design, quality, and speedy delivery, it CANNOT be beat. If you want tough, stylish, and yet simple to adjust and change... look no further. Arrived in TWO business days. I've been wearing it every day and I love it. Do not get caught up in the names, the 'features,' and the nonsense of who is peddling the newest kydex holster out there. Simple, tough, adjustable, affordable, and quick delivery. Plus plenty of cool colors/designs to choose from. Stop reading this and order one. You will not be disappointed. 1 suggestion... Order a 1.75in clip for those of you that wear normal and tac belts.