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Complete Women’s EDC Gear List [FREE Printable Checklist!]

Complete Women’s EDC Gear List [FREE Printable Checklist!]

Women tend to have a reputation for carrying wayyyyy too much stuff. But is that really so wrong?

The EDC trend has highlighted something women have been doing for years: leaving the house prepared for whatever may come our way. But stuffing your bag full of random things isn’t efficient – it’s important to take an organized approach to EDC to ensure you have what you need and not just what you want.

When it comes to women’s EDC, there’s no one right way to do it. Everyday carry looks different for everyone and should reflect the things you need in your personal day-to-day. That being said, every good EDC kit should adequately prepare you for emergencies, self-defense situations, and everyday inconveniences.

In this article, we’ll go over everything you could possibly include in an everyday carry kit. But first, let’s talk about what EDC is, and how it looks different for women.

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What is an ‘EDC Kit’?

EDC stands for “everyday carry” and refers to everything you take with you when you leave the house. That includes things like your cell phone, wallet, keys, gun/holster, pocket knife, and even your signature scrunchie. Everything.

So what is an EDC kit? Basically, an everyday carry kit is a more organized approach to preparedness and the things you take with you every day. Rather than simply stuffing everything into your purse and heading out the door, it involves intentionally planning and carrying the things you need so you can be ready for whatever comes your way.

Now that you know what EDC stands for and what an everyday carry kit is, let’s talk about the specifics of women’s EDC.

EDC Kit - Vedder Holster, Geogrit Wallet, Iphone, AirPods and more

How is EDC for Women Different?

Self-defense isn’t gender-specific. Anybody can be the victim of a crime or accident, and we all need to be prepared to handle these situations as they arise.

While we all need some of the same basic everyday carry items, there will be plenty of variations from person to person – and most men and women find they like to carry some very different things.

Many of the EDC products you see today are typically marketed to men, who tend to be the main demographic when it comes to tactical and survival gear. But even though the EDC trend is usually geared toward men, women aren’t strangers to the concept of everyday carry, or how to do so efficiently.

In fact, we have an advantage over most men in that women are already masters of everyday carry – we were toting purses, diaper bags, and emergency kits around loooong before the modern EDC craze began.

That said, while most women already practice everyday carry, we don’t always include everything we need to in terms of preparedness and safety. But, what exactly does that look like? We’ll get into that next.

What Sort of Things Should You Be Prepared For?

The whole idea behind everyday carry is to ensure you have what you need when you need it.

But unless you want to carry a suitcase everywhere you go, you can’t possibly be prepared for everything. So, what sort of situations should you be ready to handle?


The whole idea behind assembling an EDC kit is preparedness. So, it goes without saying that yours should include items to help in an emergency!

“Emergency” is a rather broad term, however, so more specifically we mean you should be ready to handle things like vehicle breakdowns, car accidents, power outages, storms, and medical episodes.

A good exercise is to consider where you go and what you do in your day-to-day life, think of every possible emergency scenario you could face, and gather the supplies you would need in those instances. Someone who commutes on the subway will need different emergency equipment than one who drives on long stretches of rural highway every day, for example.

Emergency EDC Kit necessities - Vedder Holster Stock Photography


Any time you’re going out into the world, self-defense should be a top priority. Women, in particular, know just how important it is to have some sort of weapon to protect yourself with.

It’s an unfortunate reality, but the world is a dangerous place. And, while we hope you never have to use it, being prepared to defend yourself with a gun, taser, or pepper spray is critical in ensuring your safety.

If you do choose to carry a firearm, spare ammo and a quality holster are additional essential pieces of EDC equipment. If you’re looking for a quality Kydex or hybrid concealed carry holster, check out our selection here.

First Aid

First aid is easily the second most important thing to include in your EDC kit.

Exactly what you include in your med kit is up to you. That being said, you should be prepared to handle anything from minor scrapes, blisters, and headaches, to a diabetic episode, anaphylactic shock, and major bleeding.

Keep in mind that this first aid kit isn’t just for you and your family, but also for the strangers around you. It’s not uncommon to come across someone in need of medical attention, and your preparedness could be the difference between life and death for someone involved in an accident or experiencing a medical episode.

Long Wait Times

Who among us hasn’t been stuck for longer than expected in a waiting room, traffic jam, or school pickup zone? It’s excruciating, right?!

Well, an EDC kit doesn’t have to be exclusively about emergencies – it can include some comforts and entertainment, too. Long waits and unexpected inconveniences arise more often than we’d like, so you might as well be prepared with something to do while you wait.

This can include literally whatever you want – a book, headphones, game, sketchpad, tablet, whatever – are all great things to have on hand for those days when things just aren’t going your way. Oh, and you should probably include some snacks and water in your kit to enjoy on the go!

Hygiene and Wardrobe Malfunctions

Odds are you’re already doing this to some extent, but we’ll talk about it anyway. Supplies to handle hygiene and wardrobe issues are a must-have in any women’s EDC kit.

If you’ve ever gotten your period early, spilled wine on your dress, or popped a button on your blouse before an important presentation, you already know why this is on our everyday carry list. It’s nice to have certain things on hand to save yourself a world of unnecessary embarrassment.

So, make sure your kit includes feminine hygiene items, stain remover, a sewing kit, fashion tape, floss, deodorant, and anything else you can think of that you may want or need while out and about. You’ll thank us later.

Mom Stuff

If you’re a parent, you probably already carry plenty of things to keep the little ones happy – after all, a diaper bag is just another word for an EDC kit designed for kids.

So, if you’re a mom, you’ll want to include items in your everyday carry arsenal to deal with “kid stuff” like scraped knees, broken toys, runny noses, dirty hands, and hungry tummies. Mother knows best, so just be sure to pack whatever you think your kids may need!

Women’s Everyday Carry List: What to Include

While the ideal EDC kit will look a bit different for everyone, here are some of the staple everyday carry items you may want to include.

Click here to download our FREE printable Women’s EDC Kit Checklist, so you don’t miss anything important when building your own kit!

The ‘Basics’

First, let’s start with what we’ll call the “basics.” That includes your phone, wallet, keys, sunglasses, watch, purse, and anything else you can’t leave the house without – the staple items, if you will.

Self-defense Weapon

Next is your weapon. Whether you carry a handgun, taser, or pepper spray, you’ll want to include something to defend yourself with. If you carry a pistol, you’ll want to include your spare mags, ammo, and holster under this category. If you’re looking for high-quality holsters and accessories for your EDC kit, check out our selection of IWB, OWB, and pocket carry holsters here.

Phone Charger/Power Bank

Like it or not, our lives revolve around that little screen we carry with us everywhere. Our banking, communication, navigation, and schedule are all on our phones, and most of us would be totally lost without it.

That’s why it’s a great idea to have a charging cord and portable power bank on hand wherever you go. That way, if your phone dies on you, you’re still able to access everything you need.

If you’re super “techie,” odds are you’ll be carrying a laptop and/or tablet around with you as well, so don’t forget the chargers for them, too!

EDC Electronics and Chargers - Vedder Holster's Stock Photography

Knife or Multi-tool

Every complete EDC kit should include a knife or multi-tool. The reason is pretty self-explanatory – these little tools come in handy for survival situations, opening packages, self-defense, and cutting those random stray threads that come off your clothing sometimes.

A multi-tool is even better, as they typically come with a knife, pliers, screwdriver, bottle opener, glass breaker… everything but the kitchen sink!

If you’re not sure where to start, we’ve got some great knife and multi-tool recommendations over on our Resources page.


When the power goes out, your ability to protect yourself, locate supplies, and navigate your surroundings goes out the window. Luckily, having a flashlight or headlamp on hand can solve all of these problems. Make sure to have extra batteries on hand, too!

First Aid Supplies

As we already said, first aid supplies are always great to have on hand. But, what are the essentials for a medical EDC kit?

Always include the basics like bandages, gauze, disinfectant wipes, tweezers, painkillers, burn cream, a tourniquet, and any backup medication you may need. If you want to build out your med kit even more, you can throw in some superglue, an EpiPen, Naloxone, gloves, scissors, and anything else you can think of.

To learn more about what you should include in a first aid kit, check out our EDC Medical Kit Guide.

Personal Supplies

This is where things get a little personal. Think about the things you may need in your day-to-day that can spare you embarrassment or a trip home.

For instance, it’s a great idea to keep floss or toothpicks handy for those days when you have a salad for lunch. Feminine hygiene is a no-brainer, as you never know when you or someone else might have an unexpected visit from Aunt Flow. Include concealer, deodorant, a comb, dry shampoo, hair ties, mints, a stain remover stick, lip balm, a sewing kit, a nail file, fashion tape, safety pins, and anything else you may need. It’s up to you!

Snacks and Water

Food. Enough said.

Seriously, though, having a bottle of water and a snack or two on hand is a great idea for those days when you don’t have enough time for lunch, get stuck in traffic, or just get hangry. A Hydro Flask or CamelBak water bottle is a good way to go, as you can refill it throughout the day.


In a world where we can pay for everything with our phones, sometimes it’s easy to walk out the door without cash. But, we highly recommend keeping $20-100 cash in your wallet at all times. Why? Because sometimes, stuff happens. Your phone could get lost or die (a non-issue if you have a power bank ?), credit cards get declined, debit card chips fail, the power goes out, and sometimes the nearest gas station only takes cash when you’re running on E.

Take it from us – you may not need it often, but when you do, you’ll always be glad to have cash on hand.

Seasonal Items

One important thing to remember is that your EDC kit should be adaptable. Your needs change, and so do the seasons. In the summer, you may want to include sunscreen in your kit while in the winter, you’ll want to swap it for gloves, a hat, and some hand warmers. You get the idea.


There are plenty of other items you may want to consider including in your everyday carry lineup. Here are a few bonus ideas: a lighter, pen, notebook, earbuds, watch, paracord, bandana, hand sanitizer, female urination funnel, emergency blanket, duct tape, whistle, spork, dummy wallet, spare clothing, tissues, snake bite kit, pocket mirror, rubber bands, glasses cleaner, Ziplock bags, a compass, toothbrush, poncho, and emergency chocolate. Anything goes in this category!

Women’s EDC Tips

If you’re thinking carrying all these items around every day sounds like a lot, you’re not alone. Finding the right balance of preparedness and minimalism is a bit of an art, and looks different for every person.

That being said, there are a few things you can do to help ensure a good experience that isn’t overwhelming.

First, make sure you invest in a really good EDC bag. Many everyday carriers prefer a backpack, as they have plenty of compartments and can hold a lot of items. However, with all the bags on the market today, it’s not hard to find a tote that’s designed to keep things organized.

Next, don’t be afraid to leave certain things in your vehicle. Not everything on this list has to be on your person at all times. Certain items can and should stay in your car at all times, along with your standard roadside emergency kit.

If you’re struggling to keep everything organized, EDC pouches can help! These little bags/pouches come in all shapes and sizes and work great for keeping all your gadgets from bouncing around your purse all day.

Another good habit to build is doing a gear check every so often. It doesn’t take long for a bag to get disorganized and cluttered with random stuff like receipts and gum wrappers (maybe that’s just me). So, every month or so go through your EDC bag and make sure that it’s clean, organized, and in good condition. Replace any batteries that are dead, refill any empty bottles, etc.

Finally, everyday carry is a highly personal thing. No matter what other people tell you, the things you take with you when you leave the house are up to you. If something is wearing you down to carry, leave it at home! And if people think you’re weird for carrying a shaving razor in your purse, don’t let them get to you. You do you.


When it comes to women’s EDC, everyone does it differently. That said, there are a few main things that every good EDC kit should prepare you for: self-defense, emergencies, and day-to-day inconveniences.

A good rule of thumb is to carry a weapon of some sort, a first aid kit, a phone charger, some personal hygiene items, a knife or multi-tool, cash, and a water bottle at the very least in addition to the basic phone/wallet/keys.

Don’t forget to download your FREE printable copy of the Vedder Holsters Women’s EDC Kit Checklist here!

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Mikayla Blair

After launching her career as an award-winning journalist in the American Southwest, Mikayla Blair joined the Vedder Holsters team as a content writer in 2021. She writes about all things guns, holsters, and concealed carry, and is especially passionate about women's self-defense.

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