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Top 5 Weird and Wacky (But Cool) Things We Found at SHOT Show 2024

Top 5 Weird and Wacky (But Cool) Things We Found at SHOT Show 2024

Ah, SHOT Show. Our favorite time of year. There’s nothing like spending four days browsing the world’s largest gun show (and putting in 10 miles of walking every day to try and see everything).

SHOT Show really does have it all. And people are talking about everything from the latest guns, ammo, optics, and accessories, to holsters, boots, knives, and tents that are set to be released over the coming year. What most people aren’t talking about are all the, well, WEIRD things you may come across at SHOT Show.

But don’t worry. Vedder Holsters has you covered with the top five downright strange (but also cool) things we saw at SHOT Show 2024 that we low-key kinda want.

1. Tokarev TBP 12 UC Shotgun

Okay, this first one is a little less weird than cool. But it does have a unique look that landed it a spot on our list. The Tokarev TBP 12 SB is a semi-automatic bullpup shotgun with a bright graffiti-style hydro dip sticker bomb finish that we couldn’t help but stop to look at. It has a 3-inch 12 gauge chamber with an 18.5-inch barrel and a five-round detachable-box magazine and polymer stock. It looks awesome, retails at $379.99, and is pretty high on our list of things we want to take to the range – if for nothing else but to show it off.

Tokarev TBP 12 UC Shotgun

2. Aware Custom Biometric 3D Ear Scanner

Aware, a company that creates custom protective earwear for the U.S. military and the public, introduced theeFit scanner – a new patented 3D ear reader they hope will revolutionize hearing protection as we know it.

Aware Custom Biometric 3D Ear Scanner

The eFit scanner, you guessed it, scans your ear using an integrated 3D tracking system complete with biometric sensors that can map all the little curves and angles inside your ear to create hearing protection with a perfect fit. It even collects medical data from your brain somehow, which is beyond cool. We may not understand all the science, but we love where this is going!

3. Rugged Road Ice-Timator

Alright, now this one is just downright useful. Rugged Road has developed an “Ice-Timator” smart drain plug for your cooler that tracks your cooler’s internal temperature and the ambient temperature to let you know how much longer your ice will last. The Ice-Timator is equipped with a probe that reads the cooler’s internal temperature and sends real-time alerts to your phone by connecting wirelessly via Bluetooth. No more last-minute trips back to town for ice, or worse, warm beer!

Rugged Road Ice-Timator

4. Crossfire Viper Tac-Bat

This is perhaps the strangest contraption on our list. Crossfire announced at SHOT Show that it’s releasing a new Viper “Tac-Bat” pistol. And yes, it’s exactly what it sounds like. This solid steel “pistol” is a micro-sized bat that’s capable of firing a single .22LR shot.

Crossfire Viper Tac-Bat

You’re supposed to be able to carry and use the Tac-Bat without risk of unintentional discharge thanks to a three-position safety design. Although it doesn’t have sights, and you have to completely twist it apart to load it, we can definitely see the potential uses of this unique weapon. Measuring 11.5 inches long with an 8-inch barrel, the Tac-Bat is about 1.4 inches wide and is pretty convenient to handle. Who wouldn’t be interested?

5. Hydra Weaponry Arm Pistol

Last but not least is Hydra Weaponry’s latest release: a reintroduction of the Bushmaster Arm Pistol. The original Arm Pistol was a 5.56 platform designed as a weapon for pilots who had to bail into occupied territory and was easy to shoot single-handed.

This firearm features a bullpup layout and a rotating design that accommodates both left- and right-handed shooters. It’s also compatible with standard AR magazines, making it that much more versatile. The Arm Pistol is built with an 11-inch barrel, an accessory rail, and side-mounted sights, making it a bit more tactical and modern than the original while maintaining the overall classic (albeit odd) look and feel.


There were a seemingly endless number of interesting things that debuted at SHOT Show 2024, but the above selections stood out to us as particularly interesting! If you like any of the included products, keep an eye on the manufacturer’s website for updates on when they’ll be available to the public.

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Mikayla Blair

After launching her career as an award-winning journalist in the American Southwest, Mikayla Blair joined the Vedder Holsters team as a content writer in 2021. She writes about all things guns, holsters, and concealed carry, and is especially passionate about women's self-defense.

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