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Vedder’s Holster Wedge Kit is designed to take your carry system to the next level of comfort and concealment. 

Lightweight and durable, this IWB and AIWB holster wedge adheres to the back of your Kydex holster, drawing the top of your gun closer to your body to reduce printing. Its angled, flexible design creates unbeatable comfort all day long. 

The Holster Wedge features… 

  • Waterproof closed-cell foam with moisture-wicking properties designed to repel water, sweat, and humidity. 

  • Non-absorbent materials make the Holster Wedge easy to clean with a simple wipe and go! 

  • Avoid placing wedge in washer or dryer as it may lead to delamination of velcro and deformation of the wedge
  • Angled design for enhanced ergonomics. 

  • Compatible with most inside the waistband and appendix carry holsters.

  • Wrapped with stretch interlock jersey fabric for added comfort and durability. 

  • Adhesive 1x3-inch loop-side Velcro strip.

  • Dimensions: 3.1” x 2.6” x 0.5”

  • Weight: 0.2 ounces

How to Install the Holster Wedge

Using a foam wedge for holster concealment is easy:

  1. Use the provided alcohol prep pad to thoroughly clean the back of your holster. 

  2. Remove the backing from the loop-side Velcro piece and press the strip firmly onto the lower center of your holster. 

  3. Stick the foam wedge directly to the Velcro strip, adjusting its position until your pistol is concealed. 

*As a general rule, holster wedges should be placed on the opposite side of your “trouble zone” for maximum effectiveness. So, if you’re having problems concealing the grip of your gun, place the wedge on the slide side of your holster and vice versa. 

Holster Wedge Kit Includes:

  • Foam holster wedge

  • Adhesive loop-side Velcro strip

  • Antibacterial prep wipe


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Secure Fit:
The best way to ensure the hardware on your holster will stay in place once you've made your desired adjustments is to apply a dab of our Turbo-Fuse™ Blue Thread Locker to the fasteners. This medium-strength thread locker will ensure fasteners don’t loosen after prolonged use, without permanently gluing them in place.