Turbo-Fuse™ Blue Threadlocker

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After adjusting your holster to your desired settings, you can apply Turbo-Fuse™ Blue threadlocker to the fasteners to ensure it doesn't loosen with prolonged use. This is a medium strength, removable threadlocker from Palm Labs Adhesives that will get the job done without making your changes completely permanent! 


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Michael 10th Jun 2017

Vedder RealTree camo ball cap

Great hat. Fits and looks good. Velcro size adjustment. Made in USA would have made it 5 stars. ***VH COMMENT*** Thanks for that! We purchased the hats directly from Realtree and had them embroidered here in the USA unfortunately, it does appear that RealTree must have gotten them from China. We currently only have a limited supply as we are a made in America company and will be reordering from a local company.

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