MagDraw™ Single OWB Holster

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The MagDraw™ OWB Holster is ideal for carrying spare magazines along the belt line. The sleek ergonomic design allows for a comfortable carry experience without unnecessary bulk or material. The following beneficial features come standard with every MagDraw holster: 

•Adjustable Retention

•Custom made to your precise model for the perfect fit

•Adjustable cant angle of 15 degrees of forward and reverse adjustment

•Silky smooth edges provide the most comfortable carry option

•Rock Solid Paddle Clip with Vedder’s proprietary tactical non-slip texture securely holds on the belt preventing any movement.

•Fits belts up to 1.75" widths

•Available in over 75 colors and patterns so you are sure to find the one that fits your unique style


Stock Photo Shows the Glock 19 Magazine MagDraw™ Holster... Your holster will reflect the gun model you select.


Reviews (27)

Mackey Morgan 13th Feb 2021

Very well constructed mag pouch

Like all Vedder products, the craftsmanship and quality are superb! However, I have a few issues with the design. First, my preference is for more of the magazine to be sticking up out of the surrounding pouch to make it easier to grasp the base of the mag during emergency reload. So I "trimmed to taste" with the Dremel. I also found the top edge of the inside of the paddle clip to be abrupt. This did two things I didn't like: 1) My thumb tends to crash into the ledge presented by the paddle clip and 2) the abrupt inside edge was irritating my muffin top. So I did some aggressive Dremel work in those areas, as well, to provide a more comfortable fit again my skin and remove superfluous plastic that serves no function and just plain gets in the way. Too bad Vedder hasn't adapted their steel belt clips to this mag pouch, instead--everything you need and nothin' you don't! **Vedder Holsters ** Thank you for taking the time to review your new MagDraw OWB holster! We understand that everyone has their own unique carry needs and we certainly appreciate your feedback, you are welcome to send us some photos of what you did so we can share it with our product development team! In regards to the clip, we have found the paddle style clip to function better with the OWB holster as the spring steel clip was designed more for the IWB holster but that is something we can certainly explore down the road. Again, thank you for your feedback! Have a great day!

Jonathan 8th Feb 2021

Mag holder

Very nice job on the mag holder. The look is good, and the retention is good. My Hellcat mags fit perfectly.

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