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Aim To Please: 34 Christmas Gift Ideas For Gun Lovers

Aim To Please: 34 Christmas Gift Ideas For Gun Lovers

It’s that time of year again. You’ve probably been out shopping for the perfect Christmas gift for all important people in your life: candles for your mom, a sweater for your niece, but what do you get for the gun lover who has everything? 

Look no further. We’ve compiled 2021’s ultimate list of Christmas gift ideas for gun lovers chocked full of suggestions for what to give the shooter in your life this holiday season.

To make it easy, we’ve broken it down by ten different types of gun enthusiasts so you can easily find the perfect present for every sharpshooter, outdoorsman, or concealed carrier you know.

The Sharpshooter

Whether a competition shooter or simply an expert marksman, these gift ideas are great for anyone who can’t seem to miss a shot.

Targets: This is naturally a great gift idea for anyone who loves target shooting. But, instead of gifting the same old bullseye target, consider giving the sharpshooter in your life something more challenging. Steel spinning targets are an excellent gift choice as they have moving parts that spin or swing each time they’re hit. Do-All Outdoors has a wide range of moving targets for all skill levels.

Another great option is ground bouncing targets, which were originally designed for military and law enforcement training. These targets are completely unpredictable as they bounce or roll to a new spot every time they are shot. Caldwell makes them in cube or sphere form, either of which is sure to make any marksman happy.

Training Accessories: Practice makes perfect, and any sharpshooter or aspiring marksman knows that training tools can help narrow their sites. Brands like G-Sight and Mantis sell a variety of tools like laser training systems, tracking and analysis gadgets, and dry fire laser cartridges that allow the user to practice shooting right at home. 

The Outdoorsman

A list of gift ideas for gun lovers would not be complete without including the outdoorsman. Whether a hunter, hiker, fisher, or just a gun-toting nature lover, these gift ideas are sure to please.

Hunting Knife: A true outdoorsman can never have enough knives. They can be used for field dressing an animal, gutting a fish, or for outdoor survival. This handmade Damascus steel hunting knife, which is crafted with a beautiful wood handle and a sturdy leather sheath, is a piece any gun lover would be proud to own.

If you’re looking for something more extensive, Knine Outdoors’ 12-piece field dressing kit comes with all the knives and tools one might need to field dress and butcher a deer or other animal.

Rifle Sling: A rifle sling can either make or break a hunting trip, and one of good quality tops the list as one of the best christmas gifts for gun lovers. Raiseek’s buffalo hide leather rifle sling is a great choice for someone who prefers a more classic style while TLO Outdoors makes a paracord gun sling with a modern twist.

Cooler Chair: This folding insulated cooler by Zology doubles as a camping stool and comes equipped with backpack straps for easy transportation. It’s the perfect gift for any hunter, fisher, or camper who needs a pack that does it all.

Handwarmer: Zippo refillable hand warmers make the perfect gift for any outdoorsman who goes out in the winter or the cold early hours of the morning. Unlike disposable hand warmers that only last for one or two uses, these run off of lighter fuel and stay warm for up to 12 hours at a time, making them a great choice for survivalists as well.

If your gun enthusiast wouldn’t want to deal with lighter fuel, Zippo also makes a rechargeable hand warmer that doubles as a flashlight and can stay warm for up to nine hours between charges.

Mr. Tactical

We all know him. Mr. Tactical loves anything so long as it’s military-grade, covered in straps, or otherwise badass. If this sounds like someone you know, check out the following gift ideas for some hard core inspiration.

Survival Kit: Survival kits like this one from Verifygear or this one from Weyland come equipped with tactical gear like flashlights, knives, emergency kits, compasses, and multitools so your giftee will always be prepared for anything.

Tactical Pen: This military-inspired tactical pen from The Atomic Bear makes a great gift for any gun lover. It’s made with aircraft-grade aluminum and comes equipped with more than just writing capabilities. This pen is also a glass-breaker, flashlight, and bottle opener, making it the perfect tactical gadget to give this Christmas.

Mounted Accessories: No tactical setup would be complete without a mounted light or optics. Brands like Crimson Trace, SureFire, and LaserMax sell mounted flashlights and laser sites, while companies like Vortex, Trijicon, Holosun, and Leupold sell other optics like scopes and rifle sites.

The Concealed Carrier

Your concealed-carrying friend may like to stay low-profile, but your Christmas gift to them doesn’t have to.

Holster: A quality concealed carry holster is one of the most critical things in a carry system and makes a great gift as well. Here at Vedder Holsters, we offer a variety of Kydex holsters specially designed to fit a specific gun model. If you know what kind of gun the person you’re buying a gift for has, check out all of our holster designs here.

If you’re not sure which holster they would like the best, we recommend our LightTuck™. It’s comfortable, lightweight, and easy to conceal, making it our most popular holster ever.

Gun Belt: One of the best gifts for concealed carry is a gun belt. These belts are made with tough, high-grade materials so they can firmly support the weight of a pistol. Unlike regular belts, they’re designed to hold their shape, fit, and function while concealed carrying.

Vedder Holsters offers gun belts made from either nylon or leather, depending on preference. Our leather belt is an excellent option for someone who likes to carry in style, while our nylon quick-release belt is a more tactical option.

The High Tech Target Master

Some people just can’t go without the latest tech gadgets, and gun enthusiasts are no exception. Here are a few high-tech shooting accessories to consider as a Christmas gift this year.

Noise Canceling Earbuds: ISOtunes makes tactical noise-canceling earbuds equipped with Bluetooth capabilities to both protect the wearer’s hearing and listen to music while shooting. They’re also designed to block impact noises like gunshots while still allowing a user to hear conversations and other sounds around them.

Digital Night Vision Monocular: A night vision monocular like this one by CREATIVE XP allows the user to take videos of animals, targets, or anything else in complete darkness. It also comes with an SD card and card reader to easily share videos with friends or save them for later. This shockproof night vision monocular by GTSSGTR is another great choice and comes with a smartphone holder that allows for recording directly to a device.

Watch: A quality digital watch is always a great gift idea for a gun lover. Casio offers a wide range of “G-Shock” shatter-resistant watches at a variety of price points while SUUNTO Core sells an outdoor sports watch that’s designed to be water-resistant. SUUNTO Core’s watch also comes with several intelligent features, including a storm alarm, altimeter, barometer, and compass, making it a great choice for a high-tech survivalist.

The Noob

If your gun-loving pal is new to the game, they’re probably still growing their collection of guns and firearm accessories. Christmas is a great time to help them out by giving them some useful essentials.

Eye & Ear Protection: One of the most important things a new shooter will need is proper ear and eye protection. Check out these electronic earmuffs by Walker’s for some quality ear protection, or consider Huntersky’s military-grade tactical shooting glasses for eye safety with antifog and UV blocking features. If you want the best of both worlds, this combination pack by Tradesmart comes with earmuffs, earplugs, two pairs of safety glasses, and a protective case.

Gun Cleaning Kit: Guns need to be cleaned periodically to keep them functioning well. If your gun enthusiast only recently acquired their first firearm, chances are they are still in need of a good cleaning kit. This 62-piece Hoppe’s No. 9 gun cleaning kit has all the essentials for any firearm. If you’re looking for something more unique, check out this bullet-shaped cleaning kit by Wild Shot.

If you’re planning to take the cleaning kit route, don’t forget to grab our American flag Gun Cleaning Mat by Vedder Holsters. The soft cloth top coating keeps a firearm from being scratched during the cleaning process, while the high grip rubber back holds everything in place.

Range Bag: A range bag makes a great gift for any gun lover, especially someone new to the world of shooting. They’re great for keeping ammo, ear and eye protection, tools, and anything else needed all in one spot. This DBTAC gun bag is a solid choice for someone with just a few firearms to transport, while this G.P.S. tactical range backpack might be better for someone with a larger arsenal.

The Gun Nerd

Do you know someone who could go on about gun facts and stats for hours? You might be dealing with a gun nerd. Here are a few gift ideas you may want to consider.

Books: For someone who loves fun facts, pick up a copy of “The Book of Gun Trivia” by Gordon L. Rottman. The Smithsonian’s book “Firearms: An Illustrated History” is a good choice for a history buff while “The Anatomy of Firearms” might be a good option for someone more interested in the mechanics of guns.

Patent Prints: There are posters of patent prints for nearly every gun ever made. If you know your firearm enthusiast’s favorite gun, consider grabbing a print of that model. Otherwise, check out this vintage Remington patent poster for some old-fashioned wall decor, or consider these framed patent sets for a more modern feel.

Magazine Subscription: For a gun nerd who likes to stay up on the latest advancements and news in the firearms industry, a subscription to a weapons magazine might be a great choice. Consider a subscription to Guns & Ammo for general gun content, Guns of the Old West for those with an interest in gun history, or Firearms News for updates in the weapons industry.

Man Cave Decorator

Some gun enthusiasts love their firearms so much that simply owning and shooting them isn’t enough; they want to be surrounded by reminders of their favorite pastime everywhere they look. Lucky for you, there are plenty of novelty items and gun-themed decor that should make any man cave decorator happy this Christmas.

Mugs & Glasses: There’s an endless supply of gun-themed mugs, whisky glasses, and even shotgun shell shot glasses for every firearm and beverage enthusiast you know. Don’t forget to pair this glassware with some Black Rifle Coffee or some bullet-shaped whiskey ice stones!

Wall Art: No man cave would be complete without some wall art. It’s a safe bet that this personalized firearm alphabet art by Personal Prints or these all-American wooden wall art pieces will be a popular gift.

Gun-Scented Candles: Yup. Gun-scented candles are a thing. You can get wax candles that smell like gun oil, gunmetal, gun powder, and even the shooting range itself. Anyone who likes to shoot will love this gift since they can feel like they’re at the range any time, anywhere.

Other Accessories: There’s an endless amount of firearm-themed decor you could give this Christmas, but these shotgun shell coasters and this gun cylinder pen holder make great accent pieces for any man cave.

The Kid At Heart

Not everyone will admit it, but most gun lovers enjoy lighthearted fun and games sometimes. Here are several toys and games for gun-loving adults that are sure to make them feel like a kid on Christmas morning.

Target Shooting Games: Who doesn’t enjoy a shooting game? Luckily, there are tons of gun games out there like this glow-in-the-dark floating target shooting game by Best Choice Products or this at-home laser tag game for up to four adults. Ferventoys also makes an electric Gel Ball Blaster that can shoot over eight balls per second and is great for at-home target practice or battles with friends.

Firearm Art: Any gun lover with an artistic edge will love to receive a firearm-themed adult coloring book like this “Full Metal Coloring Book: A Book of Down Range Reflection” or this “Gun Coloring Book.” For those who prefer drawing, this “How to Draw Guns” guide is designed for parents to do with their kids or adults on their own.

Building Kits: There are plenty of gun-themed projects to gift for those who enjoy building model replicas. A 3D wooden puzzle of a revolver or this rubber band-shooting wooden mechanical pistol make great gifts for gun lovers. For those who want more of a challenge, Lingxuinfo sells plenty of firearm model kits for adults that come in over 1,000 pieces.

The DIY Gunsmith or Reloader

Gunsmiths and reloaders always need parts, gunpowder, and other supplies for their craft. Here are some more unique gift ideas that any DIY gun lover will enjoy for years to come.

Gunsmithing Multitool: This 37-in-1 multitool by Real Avid is designed to help a gunsmith through every step of the firearm building process. This tool comes equipped with pliers, knives, wrenches, pin pinches, screwdrivers, a hammer, and much more. Even a seasoned gunsmith with plenty of tools will get use out of this unique Christmas gift.

Gun Powder Scale: Every reloader knows that precision is a critical part of loading their own ammunition. A precise digital gunpowder scale like this one from Weightman or this one from Hornady always makes a great reloading gift.

Tool Tray: A flexible tool tray like this one from Grypmat is a super helpful organizer, especially when it comes to the small parts of a gun. There’s a good chance the gun lover in your life needs one of these and doesn’t know it.

Those Who Can't Decide

In case your gun enthusiast truly does have it all, or you’re just not sure which category they fit into, the following items are sure to hit the mark for any and all firearm lovers.

Ammo: No shooter ever has enough ammo. Even if they have hundreds of boxes of ammunition in their gun safe at home, they’ll still be excited to hear the telltale sound of bullets rattling around when you hand them their present. Just make sure you purchase the right caliber for their gun (or don’t, any excuse to buy a new one amirite?).

Clothing: You can never go wrong when it comes to quality shooter’s clothing. Here at Vedder Holsters, we have a variety of shirts for gun lovers, including our Vedder Holsters logo shirts and our Vedder Nation graphic T-shirts, which honor the Military and our police force.

Tactical pants are always another great option as every gun lover knows how useful those extra pockets can be when concealed carrying or going to the range.

Tactical Subscription Boxes: If you really don’t know what your gun lover wants or needs, or if you want to keep the fun going all year long, a tactical subscription box might be the gift you’re looking for.

While there are plenty of tactical boxes to choose from, subscription services like Battlbox, TacPack, and Barrel & Blade will send your giftee a package each month full of tactical and outdoor survival gear such as knives, dry bags, clothes, tools, and much more.

You can send your gun lover just one box, or you can subscribe for an indefinite number of months depending on what you’re looking for. In any case, any gun lover is sure to enjoy opening a box full of surprise gear.

Gift Cards: If you still can’t settle on a gift for your gun lover, you can always give them a gift card so they can pick out something for themselves. Gift cards to Amazon or your local gun store are always a safe bet, and you can never go wrong with a gift certificate to Vedder Holsters so your gun enthusiast can customize their own high-quality holster specifically designed for their favorite firearm.

In Conclusion

Hopefully these Christmas gift ideas for gun lovers provided you with some insight into what to give the firearm enthusiast in your life. Do you fall into one of the above categories of gun lovers? If so, be sure to share this list with your friends and family so they know exactly what to get you for Christmas this year!

*This page contains affiliate links. When you purchase a product included on this list, we receive a commission at no extra cost to you.

Mikayla Blair

After launching her career as an award-winning journalist in the American Southwest, Mikayla Blair joined the Vedder Holsters team as a content writer in 2021. She writes about all things guns, holsters, and concealed carry, and is especially passionate about women's self-defense.

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