All About The NEW Hellcat Pro From Springfield Armory

We’re all familiar with Springfield Armory’s Hellcat 9mm. The award-winning handgun became an instant hit after its release in 2019 thanks to its compact size and generous round capacity.

Touted as the highest-capacity micro-compact handgun on the market, the Hellcat micro 9mm measures just 1” wide, weighs only 18.3 oz. unloaded, and sports a tight 3” barrel, yet has a whopping 11+1 capacity – 13+1 with an extended mag.

And now, Springfield Armory has introduced the Hellcat Pro OSP. Released March 4, 2022, the Pro model comes equipped with all the same features we’ve come to know and love from the original Hellcat, but with a few exciting upgrades.

The optics-ready 9mm Hellcat Pro now comes with a longer grip and a longer hammer-forged barrel. The compact pistol offers a larger capacity than any other gun in its size, coming standard with a flush 15-round magazine.

Keep scrolling for a breakdown of all the Hellcat Pro OSP specs and features.

Hellcat Pro Specs







Barrel Length


Grip Width



21 oz







Recoil System

Dual captive recoil spring w/full-length guide rod


Capacity: The Hellcat Pro OSP comes standard with an impressive 15+1 capacity. The flush magazine holds more rounds for its size than any other gun in its class, all while sporting a slim, concealable profile.

Rail and Optics: The new Hellcat Pro model comes optics ready, featuring an Optical Sight Pistol (OSP) configuration. The pistol was designed to be used with red dot optics, and the slide was milled with the Springfield Micro™ footprint so the pistol is compatible with the smallest micro red dots you can buy.

The Hellcat Pro OSP’s extended, versatile Picatinny rail is another exciting addition to the Hellcat, as the Pro model can now be used with many systems that were too big for the original Hellcat model. The rail is located on the dustcover portion of the Hellcat Pro’s frame, and the longer section of rail is designed to work with a wide variety of accessories.

Slide and Barrel: The Hellcat Pro’s 3.7” barrel is made from hammer-forged steel and is designed for increased ballistic performance.

Just over half an inch longer than the original Hellcat’s 3” barrel, the added mass and weight of the Pro model’s slide and barrel is designed to reduce the gun’s muzzle flip, allowing for faster follow-up shots.

The Hellcat Pro OSP features front and top slide serrations in addition to the traditional rear slide serrations, allowing for positive purchase and reliable manipulation.

Both the slide and barrel are coated with a Melonite finish to help reinforce the pistol’s already-tough hammer-forged steel.

Reversible Magazine Release: The Hellcat Pro’s magazine release is designed to be easily reversible so the handgun can be used ambidextrously.

Loaded Chamber Indicator: The Pro Hellcat model features a loaded chamber indicator to allow the user to easily see whether the pistol has a round in the chamber.

Sights: Springfield’s Hellcat Pro features a high-visibility tritium and luminescent front sight along with a Tactical Rack U-Dot™ rear sight. Both sights allow the user to easily aim in any lighting condition.

Grip: The Hellcat Pro’s slim-line grip is designed to be slim and just a little bit longer than the original Hellcat, making for a more comfortable grip that increases hand contact and control.

The Pro model also features a custom pressure-activated grip texture with a staggered pyramid pattern. The taller pyramids in the pattern are designed with flattened tops to make the pistol more comfortable in your waistband and to reduce wear on clothes. The shorter pyramids come to a point so the gun effectively locks into your hand when it's firmly gripped.

About Springfield Armory

Springfield Armory is one of the oldest firearms manufacturers in America. The company was founded in 1794 when it began manufacturing muskets for the U.S. military. The Armory supplied firearms to the government during every significant American conflict until 1968.

In 1974, Springfield Armory Inc. was founded in Geneseo, IL to carry on the legacy of the original Armory. Today, the company manufactures a variety of popular rifles and handguns, including the 1911 and Hellcat pistol series and the Saint and Hellion series rifles.

How Can I Get My Hands On A Hellcat Pro OSP?

The Hellcat Pro OSP should be available in gun stores across the country soon. For the time being, you can check out all the details of the gun online.

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