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2020 Christmas Gift Guide for Gun Lovers

2020 Christmas Gift Guide for Gun Lovers

Buying gifts for someone can be intimidating. You want to get them something they will like and use but are never quite sure what to get. I’m sure you have come across the lists of gift ideas for moms, dads, brothers, sisters, and just about anyone else you can think of. Well, this list of gift ideas is for gun lovers. So, if you know that the person you need a gift for loves guns or if you are a gun lover and want to buy yourself a gift this list is for you.

We’ve covered it all from basic gear to some more advanced and from prices low to high. Whether you are looking for something fun or some handgun accessories, this list has something for every gun lover. And on that note let’s dive right in.

Gun Safe

No, we aren’t talking about a big safe that requires a forklift to move. The kind of safe we are talking about is for a single handgun or only a few. These smaller safes work great for in the car, when traveling, or even at home.

When looking at safes you want it to be secure but easy to access and reliable. If the person you are buying a gift for owns a gun but doesn’t have a safe one of the options listed below might be the perfect gift idea for them.

  • Fort Knox Handgun Safe - This safe uses a Simplex push-button mechanical lock and is highly rated. While they are a bit more expensive than the others on our list, Fort Knox is known to produce quality and reliable products.
  • Gun Vault - Gun Vault is a company that makes quality, budget friendly, biometric safes. They actually have two specific safes that we felt were worth mentioning: the Multi Vault Deluxe Safe and the Speedvault. The Multi Vault Safe has two levels, making it perfect for storing a second gun or other valuables like jewelry or a passport. The Speedvault, on the other hand, is a vertical safe that is easily stored next to a nightstand or under a desk.
  • Stack-On Pistol/Ammo Cabinet - A little bit of a different style safe, this one uses a cabinet style with a keyed lock. It is reasonably priced and the company makes other small safes as well.
  • Vaultek - They offer a variety of safe styles at various price points. Overall, they are a well known company with reliable and quality products.


Whether you are buying a gift for a gun enthusiast or just an outdoorsy person a good flashlight can always be a great gift that is very useful. We know it sounds weird to give someone a flashlight for Christmas but the right one can be the best gift ever.

Flashlights can be great in tactical situations to hold next to your pistol or in everyday situations when it’s just dark and you need some light. Here are a few of our favorite flashlight brands that you might want to check out.

Gun Cleaning Kit

Just like you clean your car or your house gun owners clean their guns. How frequently they clean their gun is up to them but most of the time they will at some point clean their guns, especially if they have a good cleaning kit ;). A cleaning kit can include anything from tools and cloths to cleaner and lubricant. We’ve selected a few kits and individual items you might want to check out for a gift idea.

  • BreakFree is a company that produces a CLP (Cleaner Lubricant Preservative) an essential item for gun owners. They offer a variety of sizes and a wipe version as well.
  • Hoppe’s 9 Elite Gun Cleaning Kit - This kit and company come highly rated. While they offer other products this kit includes a cleaner, two different lubricants and cotton cleaning patches.
  • Vedder Holsters Gun Cleaning Mat - A gun cleaning mat’s soft top helps reduce any possible scratching while the gun is being cleaned and the rubber underside keeps all your parts and tools in one place. Our gun cleaning mat has a unique design that any gun owner will love.


A gun enthusiast can never have too many multitools or knives. They always seem to get lost or you thought you had one in the bag you brought with you but it’s not there. If they don’t already have a multitool or knife this might be the answer to all your searching. If they already have one or a few or you aren’t sure, any of the items we have listed below could still be the answer to your searching. Each of these companies produce quality products at a variety of prices.


  • Gerber                                                                         
  • Leatherman


First Aid Kit

A first aid kit is always a good item to keep on hand especially when you are a gun owner. If you are at the range you never know what could happen. Even if you aren’t at the range you could come across someone who needs help and if you have a trauma/first aid kit in your car you are prepared. Making a first aid kit the perfect gift for any gun enthusiast.

These are a few of the kits and products we recommend that your gun lover will appreciate.

  • Adventure Medical Kits - Adventure Medical offers kits for all types of activities, if you are specifically looking for one that would be useful for your gun enthusiast we suggest the Sportsman series, Trauma series, or they have more general first aid kits in their Adventure series.
  • C-A-T Combat Tourniquet - Whether at the range, hunting, or just out and about a tourniquet is a good item to have that helps stop major bleeding.
  • Recon Medical Kit - This medical kit is made specifically for major bleeding and trauma. It includes a tourniquet among other things to reduce bleeding until medical professionals arrive or are reached.


A holster is a key element in any carry system and it can be a great gift for any gun lover. We offer a variety of gun holsters for every carry preference. If you know what kind of gun the person you are buying a gift for has, check out our website with all of our holster options.

If you aren’t sure what kind of holster they would like we recommend starting with our LightTuck™. It is our most popular holster for many reasons, but customers love that it is comfortable, lightweight, and easily concealable. You can read more about it in our blog here.

Gun Belt

A gun belt is an important part of an everyday carry setup. They are made with tougher, higher grade materials, making them stiffer and better able to maintain shape, fit, and function when carrying. A regular belt isn’t designed to support the weight of a gun and accessories leading to sag when carrying.

If the gun lover you are looking to buy a gift for does not have a gun belt it is a great gift option. We offer two different gun belts, leather and nylon. The leather belt is perfect for any outfit from jeans to a suit and our nylon belt uses a cobra buckle for a more tactical quick release style belt. You can check them both out here.

Mounted Accessories - Lights, Lasers, or Optics

This one can be a bit tricky if you don’t know what gun the person you are giving the gift to has, but if you do know or are able to do some recon and find out gifting them a light, laser, or optic is a great option.

Keep in mind they can be a bit pricier than some of the other gifts we’ve listed. For more information on lights, lasers, and optics check out our blog here. Below are some of the most popular brands for lights, laser, and optics that you might find useful.

Lights & Lasers                                                            



This may sound like a crappy gift but gun enthusiasts love quality tactical clothing or a Vedder Nation shirt. If you are buying this gift for a close family member or friend and know what size clothes they wear this might be the right gift for you to check out. We’ve listed some clothes and brands we like below to give you a head start.

  • 5.11 is a tactical brand that offers clothing for both men and women in addition to bags and other accessories. All of their products are high quality and a great option for any gun lover.
  • CQR is another tactical and hunting brand that offers a variety of clothing options for both men and women. They offer a few UV protection shirts among other items that you might want to check out.
  • Here at Vedder Holsters, we have shirts designed just for gun lovers. From our Vedder Holsters logo shirts to our Vedder Nation graphic t-shirts there is something for everyone.


A good tactical watch can be useful for gun enthusiasts among other adventurous people. If someone wants to use a stopwatch while at the range we’ve listed some great options for basic tactical watches. Of course, you can always go with the more expensive option of a smartwatch, but if you aren’t in the market to buy anyone something that fancy check out these options.

  • Casio G-Shock Sports Watch - This watch is shock resistant, water resistant, has a stopwatch, alarm, and a great battery life. It is reasonably priced and has a few color options.
  • Suunto Core Sports Watch - This watch features a barometer, altimeter, compass, and thermometer in addition to a stopwatch and alarm. It only comes in black and is a little bit pricey but you are getting more features.


Sunglasses are a great gift for anyone. They are useful, fun, and any gun enthusiast will appreciate a quality pair of sunglasses. There are a lot of brands and styles out there, it might be best to pay attention to what style the person wears and purchase something similar. We’ve selected a few brands you might want to check out. They have various styles and price points to fit what you are looking for.

  • Oakley - A popular brand, Oakley offers sunglasses in a variety of shapes and colors, some with polarization and others without.
  • Magpul - Another great company that makes firearm accessories in addition to their sunglasses selection. They are a little bit lower priced than the other two brands we’ve mentioned and they also offer both polarized and non polarized versions.
  • Ray-Ban - You’ve probably heard of them because that is just how popular they are. They offer quality sunglasses at a variety of prices and with various styles.

Range Bag

Range bags are a great option for any gun lover. They are perfect for taking ammo, ear protection, eye protection, tools, and anything else your heart desires. Instead of trying to hunt down all your range equipment, you can keep it all neatly stored in a range bag and it’s ready to go.

Depending on how frequently someone visits the range they may want multiple range bags or a backup in case one breaks. All in all, you can’t go wrong with getting a range bag as a gift for anyone who loves guns. Here are a few range bags we found and why we like them.

  • Smith & Wesson Tactical Range Bag - Available in two different sizes this bag has plenty of pouches and pockets for all the range essentials. It is durable and highly rated. Not to mention Smith & Wesson makes guns so they are already a well known company.
  • OSAGE RIVER Tactical Range Bag - Another highly rated range bag with plenty of pockets and it comes in two different sizes with a variety of colors.
  • Reebow Tactical Range Bag - This range bag comes in a variety of colors and has a removable insert. With plenty of space for multiple pistols this bag is another great option.

Eye Protection

When you go to a shooting range it’s important to wear eye protection. There is gun powder, dirt, debris, and round casings flying around that could get into your eyes. Most ranges require eye protection, but it’s good to have quality eye protection of your own.

It is easy to lose a pair of glasses or accidentally break them so whether you are buying a gift for a new gun owner or a seasoned one eye protection is a great gift option. Here are a few brands you may want to check out.

  • Smith & Wesson - As a popular gun manufacturer it makes sense that their eye protection would make our list. They have quality decent priced glasses of various shapes and colors.
  • Howard Leight - Owned by Honeywell, they make quality ear protection for shooters. Many of their glasses are anti glare and reasonably priced. They also have kits with both eye and ear protection that you may want to check out.
  • Smith Optics - The most expensive on our list, however, they are probably the most durable. They have quite a few style and color options to fit everyone's style.

Ear Protection

Ear protection is just as important as eye protection for anyone practicing their shooting skills at a range or on their property. The sound of a gun firing and the slide racking is very loud and not safe for the naked ear. Quality ear protection protects anyone’s ears from potential damage the loud sounds of a gun firing could cause.

Any new gun owner will want ear protection for any time they are practicing their shooting skills and that is why they make a great gift option for gun lovers. We’ve selected some companies that you might want to check out.

  • 3M Safety - 3M offers a variety of earmuffs and earplug options. Some have bluetooth or radios and others are more generic.
  • Howard Leight - Howard Leight is a company by Honeywell that offers both electronic and passive earmuffs in addition to earplugs. They also have kits that include both ear and eye protection.
  • Peltor - Peltor often partners with 3M on their ear protection in addition to offering earmuff for kids. They also sell eye protection that may be worth checking out.

Training Accessories

Practice and training are important when it comes to shooting. Beyond targets, there are other tools shooters can use to help them practice. Companies offer things like training systems and laser rounds to use with dry fire (no live rounds) training. Below are a few of the tools we have found that you might want to check out to help your gun lover hone their skills.

  • Mantis makes training systems for pistols, rifles, and shotguns. They work with a mobile device to track shooting and make suggestions on how to improve your shooting. Their products can be a little on the pricier side but are well worth the money.
  • G-Sight Laser Cartridge - This laser cartridge helps shooters practice the fundamentals and works with an app to help track training.


Almost everyone is going to practice their shooting at some point. Well, when you practice you need targets and they are a very easy thing to run out of. So, what better gift for Christmas than some targets. With multiple options for how many you want to purchase these are great for either a whole gift or in addition to something else. We’ve listed some options below you might want to take a peek at.

  • Splatterburst 8 inch Targets - Splatterburst targets turn yellow upon impact from the bullet, making it easy to see your shots. These 8 inch targets are adhesive for sticking to almost anything like a bail of hay, cardboard box, etc. Making them perfect for practice on your own property.
  • Splatterburst Silhouette Targets - The Splatterburst Silhouette targets work the same way but these are better for pinning up at the range since they are not adhesive.
  • Vedder Marksmanship Target Game - Let your gun enthusiast have a little fun while they practice with our very own marksmanship game. They can play “Around the World” while honing their shooting skills.

Lucky Shot Bullet Whiskey Glasses

We’ve been giving you ideas for a lot of tactical and gun specific items so now for a few fun items. If your gun enthusiast likes a nice glass of whiskey or another adult beverage these bullet glasses might be the perfect gift. While there are a few other versions we decided to mention the Lucky Shot version of these glasses which is made with a real bullet, don’t worry it’s not going to go off. They are reasonably priced and you can find them on Amazon here.

Gun Cylinder Pen Holder

Another fun gift item any gun lover will appreciate is this pen holder. Made from the cylinder of a revolver it adds a unique touch to any desk and doubles as a paperweight. You could even include a nice pen to go with this classy gift. It’s available in silver or black and you can find it on Amazon here.

Gift Card

Still don’t know what to get? You can’t go wrong with a gift card. Here are a few places that any gun lover will appreciate a gift card to.

  • Amazon (great place to find accessories and anything else their heart desires)
  • Local Gun Shop (can be used towards a gun, accessories, etc.)
  • Vedder Holsters (they can purchase a custom holster for their pistol, among other things)

You’ve made it to the end, hopefully one of these gift ideas is the perfect present for your gun lover or this list sparked some inspiration in you. We wish you the best of luck on your search for a gift and we hope you have a Merry Christmas. 

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