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Do People Still Carry Revolvers?

Do People Still Carry Revolvers?

Contrary to what you might think there are a decent amount of people who still carry revolvers. When semi automatic pistols were introduced they rapidly gained popularity and slowly people moved away from carrying revolvers. There are a few manufacturers who still make revolvers and it’s not uncommon for someone to carry an older revolver.

Revolvers became popular in the 1830s and were the only firearm of its kind for quite a while. It wasn’t until the late 1900s that semi auto pistols became popular for everyday carry. Before revolvers, guns had to be manually loaded for each round. These were called muzzleloaders. People wanted and needed to find an easier and faster way to reload firearms.

Thus, the revolver was born. Granted there were a few other attempts at firearms with multiple rounds but the revolver is the one that became successful. Revolvers have been around for quite a while longer than pistols and that is why many people choose to still carry them. But, what are some other reasons that people still carry revolvers and why do people choose not to carry them?

Why do people still carry revolvers?

You may be thinking, revolvers are so outdated why would anyone want to carry one? There are more reasons than you may think for why people choose to carry revolvers, we are going to talk about some of the main ones.

First up, many people choose to carry revolvers because of the nostalgia that comes with it. Revolvers have been around since the early 1800s and carrying them can give people a blast from the past. If you are concealed carrying you most likely want a gun that is easy to conceal. Since revolvers don’t have magazines they have a smaller grip making them easier to conceal.

As you probably know, revolvers don’t have slides and that means there are fewer moving parts during the firing sequence that could result in a mechanical failure. Additionally, without as many moving parts they tend to be more reliable and ammunition has less of a chance to jam. Overall revolvers require minimal maintenance and can be lightweight which adds to the list of reasons why people still carry them.

To recap, revolvers are easy to use, highly concealable, reliable, and they bring people a sense of nostalgia. These are all reasons why some people choose to carry revolvers over pistols.

Why do people choose not to carry revolvers?

While there are a lot of reasons people choose to carry revolvers there are equally as many reasons people choose not to carry revolvers. Most people who don’t carry revolvers make that choice because of their personal preferences. Revolvers can be considered outdated and some people don’t like that, they prefer the more modern option pistol.

One reason people choose not to carry revolvers is that they have a smaller capacity than most pistols. Typically revolvers are recoil intensive which is going to make both recoil management and getting back on the target after you shoot challenging. Additionally, there are very few revolvers with rails and with no rail on a revolver for accessories, you can’t add a light or laser to your gun as easily.

So, there are many reasons people may choose not to carry a revolver but some of the more common reasons are the limited capacity, they are recoil intensive, and have minimal options for accessories.

Are revolvers more powerful than pistols?

This is a complicated question but the simple answer is no. The difference between a revolver and a pistol is the way they function mechanically. Power is typically related to the caliber of a gun and its round. Grain, aka bullet weight, also plays a major part in how “powerful” a shot is.

Given this information, some of the larger caliber rounds for carry firearms are made for revolvers. Which could make them more powerful than a pistol, but it ultimately is based on the caliber of the round rather than the design of the firearm itself.

Another factor that can play a part in power is barrel length. The longer the barrel the more velocity the bullet can build up before it leaves the barrel. The length of the barrel is dependent upon the gun you purchase but if a revolver and pistol have the same barrel length then the power they have will be based on their individual calibers.

Is concealed carrying a revolver different than a pistol?

If you don’t currently conceal carry a revolver or haven’t in the past you may be wondering, how do you conceal carry a revolver? Is it different from carrying a pistol? Well, in some ways, concealed carrying a revolver is not much different than a pistol.

Typically a revolver is carried in a holster whether that is inside the waistband (IWB), outside the waistband (OWB), on the ankle, or in a pocket you will most likely use a holster. Just like pistols, revolvers come in a variety of sizes ranging from extremely compact to quite large. This means that how easy it is to concealed carry your firearm is dependent upon its design. A larger revolver is going to be harder to conceal than a smaller one, the same goes for pistols.

Something that can make concealed carrying a revolver or pistol easier is using the right accessories to help you carry, like a proper holster and gun belt. Our LightTuck™ holster can be made for a variety of revolvers and if we don’t currently offer a holster for your gun you can request it be added. Our leather gun belt is the perfect addition to any outfit, it pairs perfectly with jeans or your best suit. So, if you are looking to concealed carry your revolver we recommend checking out our website for all your concealed carry needs.


We covered a lot of information so let’s review. Many people choose to carry revolvers over pistols. This may be because of the nostalgia they bring, or for their easy of use, reliability, and concealability. Some people choose not to carry revolvers because of the limited capacity, they are recoil intensive, and have minimal options for accessories.

Revolvers can be more powerful than pistols but not because of the mechanics, their power comes from the caliber and revolvers can be chambered as a larger caliber than many pistols. Lastly, concealed carrying a revolver is not much different than a pistol if you have the right tool to help you like a gun belt and holster.

But ultimately, whether you choose to carry a revolver or not comes down to what you prefer and what meets your needs. We recommend visiting our Holsters by Gun Model page if you are looking for holsters that are custom made for your weapon of choice. For all of our belt and holster options and for more information to help you choose the carry system that works best for you, visit our Vedder Holsters website.

Looking for items beyond holsters and belts, check out our Resources Page for popular product links like lights, laser, first aid, maintenance, and more. 

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