How Long Does It Take To Get Your Concealed Carry Permit?

Patience young grasshopper… Not everything travels at the speed of light.

With technology, we are used to having endless amounts of information at our fingertips and instant approval for things like credit cards and loans. But not everything is that easy. Some things take time, things like getting your concealed carry permit.

Unfortunately, there is no generic or definite answer to the question how long does it take to get your concealed carry permit. Each state has an approximate time in which they will review concealed carry license applications and that time frame can be dependant on a few things. The volume of applications they are receiving and if there are any issues with your application are both factors that can affect how long it takes to receive your concealed carry permit.

If you are looking for the approximate processing time for your state visit… or your state’s website for more information.

Some states are required to review concealed carry permit applications within a certain timeframe. For example, the Florida Depart of Agriculture & Consumer Services states that approvals take approximately 50 to 55 days but they are required to review applications within 90 days of their submission.

So, we can’t give you an exact timeframe but there are a few things you might want to know before submitting a concealed carry application.

What can I do to make the concealed carry approval process smoother?

Good things come to those who wait and those who help make the approval process as smooth as possible. While the wait time for concealed carry permits may vary there are a few things you can do to help make the process easier for those reviewing your application.

First, make sure your application is complete. Most states require you to fill out an application and questionnaire with your permit request. Before you submit your application double-check all the questions to make sure each one is answered fully. Unanswered questions could mean your application gets sent back to you, thus extending your wait time.

Second, most states require a background check to be completed with your application. This is oftentimes done by physical or electronic fingerprinting. Before submitting your application make sure you are prepared to have the background check completed by having your fingerprints done. If you elect to do the physical fingerprinting ensure they are legible. This will help the background check process run more smoothly.

Last, you may be required to complete training or a test before receiving your concealed carry permit. This may be in a classroom or at a range by a certified instructor. Making sure any training requirements are completed and you receive proper documentation proving completion can help make the application review process easier.

Doing all these things does not guarantee you will not run into complications nor does it magically put you at the top of the pile for getting your permit. But what is does do is when they get to your application for review it can reduce the chances of them needing more information from you.

What can make me be denied for a concealed carry permit?

Before submitting a concealed carry application it may be beneficial to think about anything that may cause you to be ineligible for the permit. This can save you time waiting for your application to come back. For more specific information on what can deem you ineligible for a concealed carry permit check your state’s specific eligibility requirements.

First of all, make sure you are of the proper age to receive a concealed carry permit. In many U.S. states, this age is 21. Another reason you could be denied is if you have a history of drug or alcohol abuse or any kind of violence.

Lastly, is if you have any medical issues that could result in the unsafe use of a firearm. Safety is key when it comes to concealed carry and guns.

What if I am just renewing my concealed carry permit and not applying for the first time?

Renewing a concealed carry permit does not take as long as the initial application. Each state will have different methods for the renewal process and we suggest you check your state for more information about how to renew your license.

For the State of Florida, renewals can be done in a local office and you get you could get your license the same day. If you complete the renewal by mail or have any changes it could take approximately two weeks. It all just depends on your case.

Can I conceal carry in states other than my issuing one?

Going on a road trip and want to bring your concealed carry weapon with you? Some states have reciprocity allowing you to concealed carry with a permit from a different state.

Each state has its own rules and regulations on which permits they will allow, for example, if you have a Florida concealed carry permit there are 36 different states that allow you to carry in them. GunsToCarry created a map with more information on the reciprocity between states that you may find beneficial.

What if I am law enforcement, do I need a concealed carry permit?

If you are active duty or retired military the Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act (LEOSA) may apply to you. LEOSA is a federal law that allows qualified current or retired law enforcement to concealed carry a firearm in the U.S. with certain exceptions. In this case, you may not need to apply for a concealed carry permit.

For more information about the Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act or to see if you quality visit...

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