Vedder Holsters Wins Best Holster in the History of Ever Award 2019

Vedder Holsters Wins Best Holster in the History of Ever Award 2019

Every so often, Concealed Nation does a survey to find what concealed carry holsters are the best on the market. Their last survey took place in 2016 and, as they put it, “the wait did not disappoint”. We are proud to say that the winner of the 2019 Best Holster in the History of Ever is…. Us!

We at Vedder Holsters couldn’t be happier about receiving the award. What makes this award so great is that it was the people that decided which concealed carry holster was the most utilized, most comfortable, most efficient was the best. Concealed Nation asked these 10 questions in the survey:

  • What Brand of Holster(s) have you ever owned?
  • What Brand of Holster(s) have you actually used on a regular basis?
  • Which brand is the most comfortable?
  • Which brand is the best bang for your buck?
  • Which brand(s) have received your repeat business?
  • Which brand has the best customer service?
  • Which brand(s) have you ever returned for a refund?
  • Which brand(s) have you ever needed to return for a replacement?
  • Which brand(s) have broken (during normal use) to the point of being non-functional?
  • Which brand(s) would you never buy from again?

Concealed Nation had their highest participation yet with a total of almost 14,000 people responding to the survey and over 61,000 votes for holsters owned. To view the full survey results,click here.

Some of the top highlights from the survey are that Vedder Holsters earned the top spot in best utilization rate, most comfortable holster, best bang for your buck, best customer retention, AND best customer service. Getting the top spot in all of these categories is outstanding for us since these are the top factors that most carriers look for when purchasing a holster. And with the number of 17.25 million concealed carry permits in the United States, being the top dog in these categories is no joke.

Utilization Rate - 1st Place (89.92%)

Concealed Nation calculated this metric by taking the total number of holsters used divided by the total number of holsters owned. Vedder’s score for this category was almost 10% higher than the second place winner.

Comfort Rate - 1st Place (71.61%)

For this indicator, customers were asked to pick the most comfortable concealed carry holster out of all of the holsters they had previously owned.

Best Bang For Buck - 1st Place (71.80%)

In this category, voters selected the holster that was worth the money and gave them the most “bang for their buck”.

Repeat Business Rate - 1st Place (76.87%)

Here, carriers chose the holster company that earned their repeat business. In other words, this essentially measures how many loyal customers were gained.

Best Customer Service - 1st Place (74.05%)

This category was very straight-forward and is found in the original question: Which brand has the best customer service? Vedder scored ~14% higher than the next brand! This goes to show that when it comes to customer service, Vedder Holsters is unmatched.

We can’t thank Concealed Nation enough for putting in the work to conduct this survey. We plan to continue to put out high-quality holsters for concealed carriers all across the U.S. and live up to the reputation of having “the best holster in the history of ever”.

Check out our full holster lineup or if you have any questions/comments, please contact us and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.