Pancake Wings (Clips Only)

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These are the same clips that are available as an addition to the LightDraw OWB holsters.  These clips help hold the holster tighter to the body than standard clips.  Clips are sold in a set of two.


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Nick Marzella 20th May 2019

Bravo.....You reinvented the wheel.

I like to keep a few sets of these 'just in case ' so I ordered a couple sets. They did look different but, Vedders quality is always so much more than what I'm used to seeing I thought I would take a chance and man am I glad I did. The design flaw with most is, if your belt isn't the correct size the holster will lift slightly when drawing your weapon. With this new design, your belt fills the groove holding your holster firmly in place. Stock up on these, your gonna want to change your backup holster to these beauties. Good job reinventing the wheel Vedder!

Ted Bates 4th May 2019

VedderOWB Holster with pancake wings

I purchased this holster as I was disappointed with IWB holster being too painful to wear with my double stack 9mm Beretta Compact carry. I own a few Vedder IWB holster for other single stack firearms with no issue. Paddle type holsters being what they are also dig into my thigh. I found this Vedder holster more comfortable as it is curved to fit your hip, and the "pancake wings" pull the butt towards my body. I also purchased the standard belt loops but they do not allow for close fitting against my body.

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