Pancake Wings (Clips Only)

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These are the same clips that are available as an addition to the LightDraw OWB holsters.  These clips help hold the holster tighter to the body than standard clips.  Clips are sold in a set of two.


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Jim Billman 27th Dec 2020

Pancake paddles

After using my new Lightdraw OWB holster (with the premium paddles) for several weeks, I realized how good the design was. The stiff paddles gripped my belt perfectly and there was not tip-out while carrying a heavier pistol. I decided to buy several more sets of paddles to retrofit some all leather OWB holsters where the leather had softened and gotten floppy. I cut off the softened leather and added eyelets to mount the paddles. It worked perfectly and I now have two additional usable holsters.

Aaron 14th Sep 2020

Pancake paddles

Awesome! Five star +1

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