Single Rock Solid Spring Steel Belt Clip (Tuckable)

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These are the same tuckable spring steel clips available on our LightTuck and RapidTuck holsters.  Our single rock-solid spring steel clips are designed with two attachment positions to ensure a secure hold and feature an adjustment slot that allows for 30 degrees of cant both forward and reverse.  The sleek spring steel material provides the ultimate concealment with virtually no visible print.  Clips are available to accommodate the majority of belts and come in two sizes- 1.5" and 1.75" width.  Clips also come in two lengths- short and long.  Short clips measure approximately 3" from the top of the clip to the center of the bottom mounting hole.  Long clips measure approximately 3 3/4" from the top of the clip to the center of the bottom mounting hole.  All rock solid spring steel clips are backed by our lifetime guarantee!


Reviews (42)

Jose Armando Arriaga Oropeza 12th May 2020

The best holster clip in the market

This is for me, the best holster clip by far. Great shape retention, durability, fixation, angle selection, tuckable. I use it for anything that needs good retention.

Wendy S 20th Oct 2019

Rock solid spring clips should get a Government contract

I bought extra Rock solid spring clips and installed them on pouches that carry my spare magazine and my Israeli bandage. I love these Holster clips.

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