Holster Claw Add-On Kit

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Vedder's custom engineered claw attachment is a great addition to your standard LightTuck holster! Features include:

  • Precision claw design for the perfect alignment with your belt, drawing the grip of your gun closer to your body, making it even more concealed!
  • Easily attaches to previous LightTuck models using a simple drill, included template and included screw with your original post and retention spacer.

For instructions on how to specifically attach the claw to your existing LightTuck, you can visit our website for a video tutorial at www.VedderHolsters.com/clawinstall

Please note that due to the wide range of adjustability of the LightTuck holster, the claw may not be ideal in all carry positions/angles. If you prefer to carry your LightTuck in the deepest setting or with a strong degree of reverse cant, the claw may not make the necessary contact with your belt to be effective.

The Claw


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Emile E Riendeau 20th Apr 2021


The product is great just all your holsters, I have four of them. However, your quality control needs improvement. The package arrived without the template and screws. After several emails I finally got the screws and template. **VH COMMENT** Thank you for taking the time to post your review. We greatly appreciate you bringing this to our attention and we will certainly look further into this. If we can ever be of further assistance, please feel free to reach back out to us. Have a great day!

Paul R. lemay 16th Apr 2021

claw for holster, i put it on we the people holster.

I put the claw on my we the people holster because they werent able to accomodate me so i ordered from you. I regret buying from them . their oder came much later than promised,My next holster for my Tauraus G2 will be a vetter outside of the belt. Does your income tax discount extend to may 15th like the IRS deadline of May 15th?

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