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Spare hardware sets fit your Vedder Holster perfectly. Choose from clip hardware, retention hardware, or both!


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Tim Woods 18th Feb 2019

Replacement Parts

Having spent a good sum of money on what is essentially a piece of plastic, one would think the retention screws would be a bit more secure...I lost count of how many times I lost and found them before having to buy a replacement set. I'd used (Blue) Loctite to keep these screws secured, but to no avail. Vedder makes a good product, but they need to go back to the drawing board on their retention screw system. ***VH COMMENT*** Thank you for taking the time to review the hardware. We are sorry to hear that and we hope the new set works out better for you. We do recommend the Loctite to help prevent the hardware from backing out. I you continue to experience and issue with the hardware, please reach out to us so we can assist. you should not have that issue with the new set. Have a great day!

Steve 5th Oct 2018

Good to have

Lost a screw in my holster and needed a replacement. This spare parts kit is perfect. Should have probably bought this when I bought my holster.

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