Holster Claw Add-On Kit

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Vedder's custom-engineered claw attachment is designed to provide maximum concealment and greater comfort during concealed carry. The Vedder Holster Claw is a great addition to your standard LightTuck holster!

What is a Concealment Claw and What Does it Do?

  • A concealment claw, also known as a holster claw or “wing,” is a holster attachment designed to hold your gun closer to your body to prevent printing and provide greater concealment. 

  • Holster claws also help distribute the weight of your gun, which makes for a more comfortable carry. The additional point of contact also keeps your weapon more secure. 

What Are the Features of the Vedder Holster Claw?

  • Easily attaches to most LightTuck models using a simple drill and a few pieces of hardware that come included with the claw. 

  • Claw is made of a composite polymer with a two-part resin to give it added strength. 

  • Works in nearly every concealed carry position.

What do you get when you buy the Vedder Holster Claw?

  • Order comes with a template and an extended retention screw to help you attach the claw using your original post and retention spacer. 

  • Claw comes with detailed attachment instructions. 

For instructions on how to attach the claw to your existing LightTuck, check out our video tutorial at www.VedderHolsters.com/clawinstall.

* Please note that due to the LightTuck holster’s wide range of adjustability, the claw may not be ideal in all carry positions/angles. If you prefer to carry your LightTuck in the deepest adjustment level or with a strong degree of reverse cant, the claw may not make the necessary contact with your belt to be effective.

The Claw

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