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Vedder Holsters J-Clips give you deeper concealment with a clip designed to go over your waistband, behind your belt and then clip up under the bottom of your belt. These clips are a less visible option along the beltline. Clips can be worn as a set or mixed and matched with other clip styles on our dual clip ComfortTuck holsters. J-Clips are best suited for small to medium sized guns as the weight of your holstered gun will be riding on your pants and not your belt with this style of clip. The polymer feature gives you the functionality of handmade Kydex Clips with the strength of a polymer clip. This stronger polymer material means more durability and a longer lifespan than traditional Kydex clips!

J-Clips are sold in pairs and also include a set of hardware


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Kansas Carrier 5th Sep 2017

Gets the Job Done - Out of Sight!

I went for the J-Hook clip option on my Comfort Tuck to carry a Glock 43, as my career field requires a tucked shirt and I do not always have a jacket on. I have worn it several times already (using the J-Hook clips) with my shirt tucked in, no jacket (it is August in south-central Kansas), and a brown leather belt (it is a black clip)... and my wife, three children, close friends, and co-workers have not noticed it at all.... and trust me when I say that MANY of these people look for opportunities to point out anything different/unusual. The clips seem sufficiently sturdy. My only request would be that Vedder put some felt on them as appropriate in order to offer the same subtle, yet highly effective, silencing effect that you will find on the stock clips. The bottom-line: no surprises here... as it should be. Thank you Vedder!

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