What Should You Look For In An OWB Kydex Holster?

Are you wondering, why quality outside the waistband (OWB) Kydex Holsters are so hard to find? Do you just want a nice, comfortable OWB Kydex holster for your Glock 19?

You’ve come to the right place. Not only do we offer quality OWB Kydex holsters, we have compiled information about what to look for in your new holster. There are quite a few things you should look for when purchasing an OWB holster: design, colors, durability, retention, etc. But most importantly it should be comfortable.

So, let’s dive right into what you should look for in an OWB Kydex holster.

OWB Holsters Needs Proper Clearance So You Can Get A Good Grip

Imagine you are reaching for your Sig P365 and your hand hits the holster as you grip your gun. You don’t want to change the way you draw your gun, so what do you do? FIND A NEW HOLSTER!

Your master grip clearance is the amount of space you have between the grip and holster to hold the gun the way you would if you were going to shoot it. If the holster isn’t designed properly there may not be enough space between the holster and grip of your gun for you to get a strong grip. A master grip is important because it will help ensure a smooth, sturdy, and safe draw from your holster, as well as ensure an accurate first shot.

Here at Vedder Holsters, we designed our holsters with the maximum amount of grip clearance allowing you to get a strong master grip when drawing your weapon.

Ride Height Of Your OWB Holster Means More Than You Think

Oh no! You are at the grocery store and you reach up to get something off the shelf when you notice your CZ P-10 C OWB Kydex holster is showing. There are two reasons this could happen. Your shirt could be too short or your holster’s ride height could be too low.

Finding an OWB Kydex holster with the appropriate ride height is important. If you are trying to conceal carry you will probably want a high ride height so you don’t have any issues with your holster and gun showing while you are in public. Checking in the mirror when you have your shirt over your holster can help you see if your gun and holster are sitting too low on your waist.

We made sure to take this into account when designing out outside the waistband holsters. Our holsters have a higher ride height to accommodate for using them to conceal carry.

For OWB Holsters, Kydex Color Options Aren’t Just For Style

You may love that the company you are ordering a holster from offers a Zombie Green holster, but if you are carrying OWB and you can clearly see the outline of your Springfield Hellcat under your white shirt, because your holster is bright green, it’s not really concealed.

When you are selecting a manufacturer for your OWB Kydex holster you will want to consider what color options they have available. If you wear primarily black you probably want a black holster, whereas if you wear more browns and khaki you may want a tan holster. You don’t want your holster to stick out like a sore thumb, it should blend with your clothing in the event it does accidentally show, it won’t draw much attention. On the flip side, if you’re wanting an OWB to open carry and show off your favorite colors and patterns, you can go wild.

Here at Vedder holsters, we wanted to provide our customers with many color options from ones that blend with your clothing but also fun colors too. With over 75 color options there is something for everyone. Check out all the colors we have available here.

Keep Your OWB Holster Close To You Or It Will Literally Stick Out

If you are trying to sneak that box of candy into the movie theater you probably tuck it under your shirt, right? And you want it to be as close to your body as possible so the attendant doesn’t see it. The same thing goes if you are trying to conceal carry a gun, you want the holster to keep the gun close to your body so it doesn’t print.

The style of holster can play a part in how it sits on your waistband. For example, our Vedder Lightdraw™ OWB Holster is going to sit closer to one’s body than our ProDraw™ Paddle Holster.

The type of clip on the holster can also play a part in this. We offer two clip styles for our Lightdraw™: standard and pancake. Our standard clips are going to sit farther away from your body whereas our premium pancake clips are going to be easier to use and help pull the holster closer to your body.

If you’re looking for a good OWB holster for a range day or competition session, our ProDraw Paddle Holster is an excellent choice. The ProDraw will sit a little further away from your body, allowing good gear clearance and an effortless and consistent, draw while being close enough to your body to not snag on anything or get in the way.

Quality Holsters Are Made For Right Handed & Left Handed People

Imagine you get your new Glock 43 holster and you go to place it on your left side because you are left-handed only to discover it is a right-handed only holster. You are upset, now you have to return the holster and try to find one that has a left-handed draw. Many manufacturers do not make their holsters in both right and left-handed models in order to cut costs.

A quality manufacturer will offer their holsters in both left and right-handed models.

We wanted to make sure we have a holster that suits everyone’s needs and that is why all of our IWB, OWB, and magazine holsters are available in left-handed and right-handed draw.

Retention For An Outside The Waistband Holster Is A Priority

Oh no! There’s a bear and you’ve gotta get away, fast. So, you start running and all of a sudden your Ruger LC9s falls out of the holster. Now you have to decide to keep running or stop and pick up your pistol. What do you do? Well, for starters, you get a holster with proper retention so that an event like this doesn’t happen.

Also, if you expect to run into bears much, you might want a bigger gun!

A good quality holster will have adjustable retention to help ensure that your gun is held securely in place but is still able to be easily taken out in the event that you need to unholster your gun.

With this in mind, we made sure our most popular IWB and OWB holsters feature adjustable retention to suit your needs.

To review, there are many things you should look for in a quality OWB Kydex holster: master grip clearance, adjustable ride height, color options, overall design, and adjustable retention to name a few.

But ultimately, it comes down to what you find comfortable and what meets your needs. But how do you know if it’s comfortable if you can’t try it on? That is why we have a 30-day return policy, so if you aren’t satisfied with your purchase you aren’t stuck with a product you will never use.

If you are looking for holsters that are custom made for your weapon of choice, we recommend visiting our Holsters by Gun Model page. For all of our belt and holster options and for more information to help you choose the carry system that works best for you, visit our Vedder Holsters website.

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