Why You Need a Cobra® Gun Belt

Have you ever been carrying a gun in your holster and found that you were constantly needing to pull your pants back up? What kind of belt did you have on?

Whether you are carrying concealed or open, a proper belt is an important part of your carry system. A gun belt can be beneficial in many areas over a regular belt. Your belt should help support the weight of your gun, holster, and any accessories, a gun belt does exactly that. While gun belts come in various shapes and materials we are going to discuss one of our favorites, the Vedder Cobra® Belt.

The Cobra®Quick Release Gun Belt is composed of a strong load-bearing buckle and layered nylon webbing, this belt can support the weight of your gun and holster without the sagging that can occur with a typical belt. It is a great addition to any carry system.

Its unique design allows for easy use, unlike any other gun belt. But, let’s talk about what makes it so unique.

What is the Cobra® step-down buckle?

We’ve all experienced the rush of terror when you wake up and look at the clock only to realize you are running late. So you then rush to get dressed and complete your morning routine in half the time skipping the unnecessary items. If you normally concealed or open carry you probably skip putting on your belt and holster because of the amount of time it takes. We wanted to make putting on your carry system as easy as possible.

The Vedder Holsters Cobra®Quick Release Gun Belt features a step-down buckle. But what does that mean? Many Cobra® style gun belts require that you take off the buckle in order to thread the belt through your belt loops. The buckle we use is a 1.5” step-down buckle that can thread through most standard belt loops without needing to be removed.

This buckle allows you to adjust your belt to your preferred size and take your belt on and off with a simple but strong buckle. It eliminates the need to adjust your belt each time you put it on. So on those days you are running late you can easily put your belt and holster on without it taking too much time.

How does the Cobra® Quick-Release Buckle work?

When you get home from a long day, what is the first thing you do? Probably take off your shoes, wiggle your toes a bit, if you are a gun owner you probably take off your carry system. We all know that sweet feeling of being home and getting comfortable. You probably want to get comfortable as quickly as possible, well with the Cobra® quick-release buckle that can be a matter of seconds.

With the Cobra® Quick Release buckle all it takes is a simple pinch to release the stab-lock style fastener. It is just as simple to put it on too, click the two buckle ends together and you are set for any activity the day brings you. But, you are probably wondering if it is that easy to take on and off do I have to worry about it coming open during the day?

No, the only thing that is going to release the buckle is pinching the quick-release tabs on each side. The Cobra®Quick Release buckle is one of the strongest buckles available. It is built to withstand a few thousand pounds of force, that being said the nylon belt is likely to break before this buckle.

Made of aluminum alloy, solid brass, and stainless steel and is commonly used in the Military due to its exceptional load-bearing abilities. Each batch of buckles is randomly tested for strength by a third party and each buckle meets and exceeds the standards for being sand, dust, and water-resistant. This buckle combined with our nylon webbing to form our gun belt is what makes it perfect for supporting the weight of your gun and holster.

Is the Cobra® Belt adjustable?

While we may not all admit it many of us have had those days where we get dressed in the morning putting our belt in the usual position and later in the day we realize our pants are either falling down because our belt is too loose or they are too tight and we need to loosen our belt just a little.

The great thing about the Cobra® Quick Release Belt is that it is micro-adjustable. With a standard buckle, you are subject to the premade holes and maybe you need something in between two of them. Each Cobra® belt is adjustable within a few inches of the size you order and because it is velcro it is micro-adjustable to fit you precisely throughout the entire day. Keep in mind sizing for gun belts is different than your average belt and you can watch our YouTube video on gun belt sizing for more information.

Comfort is key and the micro-adjustability of the Cobra® belt makes it comfortable all day long. The step-down buckle means you don’t have to keep adjusting your belt to the right size each time you put it on.

What is the Cobra® Belt made of?

So the buckle is strong, what about the belt itself?

Made with extra stiff dual-layered nylon scuba webbing this belt is the perfect addition to your carry system. It can withstand up to 3,000 pounds of tension making it more than capable of holding your gun, holster, extra magazine, magazine carrier, or even a Ford Fiesta! Though we don’t recommend the Fiesta part.

At only 1.5” the Cobra® Belt is easily threaded through standard belt loops and is available in seven different sizes. It is crush resistant and uses 5 linear seams adding to its significant strength. But if it is so strong doesn’t that make it stiff, how is it comfortable? Its resin treatment is what allows it to be easily used as a belt and more comfortable to the wearer.

So back to the main question, why do you need a Cobra® gun belt? Its step-down buckle allows for it to be easily put on and taken off without needing to adjust the size each time. The quick-release is perfect for when you are running late or are just ready to take off your carry system at the end of the day. Its micro-adjustability keeps you comfortable all day long. And there is no need to worry about it breaking, it would take a lot of force to break this belt.

A gun belt is an important part of any carry system, but whether you choose to include one is a personal decision.

Ultimately, it comes down to what you find comfortable and meets your needs in a concealed carry system. We recommend visiting our Holsters by Gun Model page if you are looking for holsters that are custom made for your weapon of choice. For all of our belt and holster options and for more information to help you choose the carry system that works best for you, visit our Vedder Holsters website.

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